Is DNS screwed for anyone else?

My custom domain has stopped working and it is saying the DNS configuration is wrong - but it hadn’t changed?

Is it just me?

I was having issues Monday setting up a new domain. Kept going in and out and saying the configuration was wrong but it seems to have sorted itself.

Maybe it has something to do with this:

Yes I suspect so, very annoying - been down for 12-hrs now, no response from Support

I looked at your issues last night and it’s not a DNS problem per se.

You have a somewhat different setup than we recommend - your app is CNAME’d to its endpoint, instead of the A record provided, but that still kind of works.

We use a workflow endpoint to test if DNS is working - essentially calling your app from your app - and there’s a capacity issue there.

Hi @peterj

I have both an A Record and a CNAME, i didn’t change anything so how come it broke? It has been working fine for 2 years. I have tried a bunch of changes today but nothing appears to make it work?

Any ideas what I need to do to fix it?


At 17:30 EDT yesterday your workflow runs spiked and your capacity usage jumped to 100%. Since DNS checks need to run a workflow to pass, and there’s no spare capacity available to service them, it looks to you like a DNS error.

(Sidenote: there are probably improvements to be made to how we surface configuration errors here.)

The workflow behavior looks anomalous, so you might take a look at any recent changes you’ve made to see if you’re running more workflows than you intended to. If you still can’t identify the cause of the issue, feel free to file a bug report.

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Peter, comments like this make me want to stick with Bubble. Thanks for your hard work

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Thanks @peterj - yes a bit confusing as those workflows have been running for weeks so no idea why they suddenly spiked yesterday.

I guess that’s a lesson learn’t unavailability may not be DNS issue but maxed out usage. I should have checked the capacity screen.

Thanks for your help. I am off to re-set my DNS to try and get it working again :slight_smile: