How to create a proper loader?

If anyone could explain how the following expressions work or how to use them correctly I’d appreciate it a lot!

  1. Page Loaded (entire)
  2. Page Loaded (above fold)
  3. Repeating group is loading

RTFM here General Events - Bubble Docs

It was not linking from workflows otherwise I always RTFM :joy:

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Aaaand the link you shared doesn’t answer any of my concerns. So you RTFQ my friend :joy:

In truth the “Page Loaded” event is not well documented. For my own investigation into how the Page Loaded event is fired, see Page and all elements completely loaded - #2 by keith

Note that this event firing does not mean that all scripts you might be relying on are loaded, etc.


Interested post Keith! I’ll read it right now. Meanwhile I just found the initial post from when the “Above Fold” feature was launched. I was gonna read through it as well to find some answers there…

BTW, as for the “repeating group is loading” state (this is an exposed state on RGs and not an event), it goes high when an RG is loading a list.

Per the docs: is loading (repeating group, picture uploader)

This state is true when the repeating group is loading a new list. It allows you to style other elements if you want to adjust how the page looks when loading the list. Use this to know when a file or picture uploader is in the process of uploading a file.

Yeah, it works just fine with picture uploader. When it comes to RGs it’s little confusing.

My main goal is do display a loader animation inside the card before the video element is loaded inside… You can check it here

I should try this solution.

Related: if you want to know more about the internals of list loading in Bubble, you might find this interesting: