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[New Feature] Dynamic colors

Anyway, thanks a lot for this new feature! New thing to play with, yuhhhuu! :slight_smile:

yeah I can see what you mean, it is happening to me too.!

If these items are addressed I will be able to apply dynamic colors to my entire app: icons, borders, shadow, conditional states

Thanks everyone. @vascolucci sorry we could never get the international payment sorted out I wanted to contribute!

Don’t worry about it :slight_smile::thumbsup:

Let’s turn our apps from static to dynamic :wink:

I was really glad when I saw this new feature, because I was really waiting for it. But then it turned out that it does´t work on conditional, as mentioned above :frowning: Any chance you will add this too? Great job, though!

Awesome - thanks @emmanuel and team Bubble, and big thanks to @vascolucci for organising sponsorship.

Team effort. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I was told by @emmanuel that this has been applied as a fix to the main cluster of shared apps, and people on dedicated will see the changes come through in a few hours.

Works now for conditional! This is so great! Thank you guys :slight_smile:

@emmanuel Is there any chance that dynamic behaviour will be implemented for Fonts and their parameters such as Size, Spacing and Alignment?

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This is so amazing, but I believe it is not working at the moment, please see the attached image.
I am getting a Hex number trough an api, it is working as you can see I can show it as text, but when apply it to a color it does not show the color, is just empty, @emmanuel , Am I doing something wrong?

You must use the full 7 character hex code (with #) in order for it to work. Treat it like any regular CSS color object (you could alternatively use rgb or rgba).


Could the MultiDropdown plugin accept dynamic colors in the future? Or is this similar to the calendar plugin in regards to not being compatible?

Edit: if anyone is interested in an alternative to dynamically coloring the Tags, you are able to set a dynamic background color:

With the background being a color and then setting the tag with a semi-transparent gray tone and font as white or black you can achieve a pretty nice looking input:


Could you please enable dynamic fonts?

Thanks for enabling the dynamic colors!


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Is the bubble progress bar going to get dynamic colors? @emmanuel

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Actually I was thinking about it the other day. I’m not sure if this is possible since the bubble progress bar color field is located in the settings tab.

Any ideas @emmanuel ?

I’m really trying to get a semi-transparent colour dynamically. I’m trying to pass the value rgba(179, 230, 89, 0.75) into the colour field of a shape dynamically and I can see the search works because I have some text displaying the RGBA code but there is no change to my background colour.

Am I missing something?

Hi all. I am trying to set a dynamic color with transparency on a group, but when I click “> Insert Dynamic Data” it does nothing other than hide the “> Insert Dynamic Data” prompt.

Anyone else had this, and anyone have any suggestions please?

Thanks in advance.

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+1. Everything was working well until a few days ago. I’m assuming bug. All of my set dynamic colors are still working but adding new ones is now impossible.

Thanks Duke.

@emmanuel any update on this at all?

It’s fixed now. For me anyway.

Hi @emmanuel - this is a great feature, thanks!

I would find it soooo much easier to use if the dynamic colour could be set at the style level rather than just the element level.

Could this enhancement come along within the next few months? If so, I will hold off my colour implementation until then.