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Colour as a dynamic field


It would be cool if- the same as other fields such as text, colour could be dynamic.


Input field
Hex Colour: [HEX number]

Background colour = #Hex Colour’s value.

Example use case: allowing users to customise there profile.



Is there any workaround to this that you guys can think within the current framework?

Not text, but we have achieved this on buttons by allowing uploading of colours via small images.

Paul, this is a feature that I first requested a year ago and it’s still not yet there in terms of priority for Bubble. Which is fine, because I did end up finding a workaround!

You can store hex values as a database text thing, and call them back later in HTML and Text elements after [color=#DYNAMIC HEX][/color].

So in one of my apps, I am creating lots of HTML blocks where dynamic color will be used instead of relying on the default Bubble Text or Button elements. Once I started doing this via reusable elements, the speed and time to implement such dynamic data doesn’t take up any more time than if I were to be using the built in elements. Now that we have access to JS plugin-side building, I bet you could find a way to do this with a custom plugin as well.


As far as this specifically, you should expect that you will have to mess with some custom HTML and CSS to make this look and feel like a true ‘whitelabled’ profile with a custom color theme. Every ‘thing’ that you need to adapt for the color change must be tied to a database search result. So, for instance, if you wanted a background color, you would need to tie that to a dynamic value via CSS. Check out this quick example I made:

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Hi @philip, yes that is the way i’m doing it all the time. But i face some restrictions when it comes to backgrounds within groups with changing heights. In this case i could do it the hard way and rebuild all bubble elements within the html box and link them to bubble variables/db data.

I definitely would prefer a native implementation with dynamic color fields in bubble…:slight_smile:

Is this something you think could be valuable @emmanuel? I think it would open up a lot of opportunities for customisation, and would have to be a feature from Bubble.

I think it could be fairly simple if the colour field could simply read as a dynamic number?

Paul :slight_smile:

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That’s something we could talk about on a sponsored basis.

ok cool!

I’m interested in this as well.

This seems to be in high demand feature for over a year now it is strange that this has not been implemented yet.

Hi Guys,
@pauljamess @romanmg @NigelG @philip @js1 @Lenex @DaveA @vega.andrew @uproute @emmanuel

I got in touch with the Bubble team, they said would do the color as a dynamic field for $1200 USD. I would like to echo this to see if anyone is interested in this feature so we can share sponsor this.

Although I think this feature is very important for branding and to give users the ability to custom the pages and pick their colors, in my opinion this should be there as a built-in feature.

Anyhow, if any one is willing to help to have this feature possible please let us know here.

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I am interested in helping sponsor this feature! I’ve already kinda gone through the weeds and created a lot of HTML buttons and other elements needing dynamic colors, but if I can start using dynamic colors in Bubble elements (better yet, dynamic colors in the pre-set Styles) I would be a very happy camper.

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Add me to the list. A color picker input element to accompany would be nice as well.


I think its a very reasonable price. Thank you for organizing, @vascolucci! if we can share and it comes to something like +/- 100$ each, count me in. Maybe there are even more people on the forum who would be interested as well?

Lets do it!

Cheers @js1

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Excellent, so far we have:

These guys are willing to share sponsor this feature.

Let’s wait for few more awesome guys to join us.:+1:

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I’ll be in too, if we can get it down to around $100 each :slight_smile:


agreed if possible!

Agreed, at around $100 I am in. But otherwise it just isn’t a “Must have” for me.

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Thanks @pauljamess & @NigelG for joining us.

Anyone who is interested to contribute in this feature can pay whatever they feel like, No minimum. It is a collective work that all bubblers will benefit from.

So far we have:

Let’s wait for few more days to see if more to join then will kick start this :rocket:

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This post came at the perfect timing. I’m currently testing out the work I did for custom branding. I think it will be an okay solution for V1 of my needs, but having this dynamic hex value will ensure a better experience for the customer and make this soo much easier to maintain etc. I’d be interested in contributing.

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