Conditional background colours


I noticed recently that trying to conditionally set the colour of anything with dynamic data, doesn’t work


Clicking the link highlighted green doesn’t bring up anything so the user must select a defined colour.

Looks like a bug, but would like confirmation


I’ve never seen that +Add dynamic data text button ever (must be new in last 12 hours)…normally to add dynamic values for color values you just click onto the color hex code in the background color parameter…have you tried that?

I should have mentioned, I think this feature is enabled with this Beta release

Yes, can confirm this feature comes with the experimental feature from 08/15/23. Just opted in and its a slow mess. Same issue as the OP.

Without the beta enables, you should be able to specify the colour using ‘insert dynamic data’ when the background colour is selected :slight_smile:

Yes it’s working fine outside Beta. I submitted a bug report for it.

The expression builder replacement is good, but seems very buggy generally at the moment. Will keep using for a while and see if things improve.

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