[New Feature] Dynamic Sitemaps

How can I make sure the slug is in the sitemap instead of the unique ID?


I have an issue with the sitemap and maybe someone will be able to help me out with this (Bubble support was no help).

On my app https://smartexpense.io the index page is a public landing page, but the navigation is managed with URL data in the “view” parameter. This means that when the page is loaded it goes to https://www.smartexpense.io/?view=home, while when the pricing menu is clicked, the page goes to https://www.smartexpense.io/?view=price, etc. etc.

In Settings / SEO I have enabled the sitemap exposure (much needed for the blog posts) and disabled the option “point URLs to primary domain for better SEO”.

The issue is that in the site map “https://www.smartexpense.io/sitemap-index.xml” the link shown as is https://www.smartexpense.io/ and not https://www.smartexpense.io/?view=home URL.

This is causing a 301 redirect error in all the SEO audit tests that I performed (including Google Search Console).

I tried to solve the problem by uploading a sitemap-index.xml file in the root directory, hoping that this file would overwrite the automatic Bubble sitemap. But apparently it does not work like this.

Anybody (maybe @eve can help :slightly_smiling_face:) has a solution or can point me in the right direction to solve this ? Thanks a lot.


We have pages with custom URLs with hierarchy, but this doesn’t show in the sitemap.
How can we reflect that?

This is the site map:

For example, there is this URL in the sitemap:

But the actual website URL is:

the same problem and haven’t solve yet. Google shows errors

Anyone know how I can check that the sitemap is being produced correctly?

I have a blog, which is www.mysite.com/blog
I set the blog’s page type to datatype Blog
When a new blog post is made, the title of the blog is the slug of Blog so it’s

I looked at the sitemap.xml but I don’t see anything produced under Blog

Do we need to submit a new site map to Google anytime a new dynamic page is made?

hi, i have issue with dynamic sitemap wont get updated. Previously have no issue with it ever. It will almost get updated instantly. The issues started two days ago. Whenever I make a new post, add new product or blogpost. Those will be updated instantly and google will index those within 2-3 hours.

i) I’ve tested uploaded one under {my product} two days ago and it is yet to be updated but today when i updated a post under {my portfolio} it was updated instantly.
ii) I tried update {my blog} post an hour ago. It is not getting updated again.

Any idea what’s the issue here? I have three main dynamic page.

[my portfolio] - will get updated instantly
[my blog] - not updated instantly
[my product} - not updated instantly


Another question, since i’ve tested with a test post and i wanted to remove that from the sitemap. How do i do that? Do i wait or do i need to manually remove that from sitemap. If so how do i do that?

yes. I believed so.

Pretty sure this feature is just broken