[New Feature] Facebook-like infinite scrolling

We just added a new type of infinite vertical scroll, more like facebook, where when you hit the bottom of the page, new cells are added and the elements get higher. Just pick ‘Extendable vertical scrolling’ instead of ‘Vertical scrolling’.

Let us know how this goes.



YES! Huge day for us “social media feed” folk!
The irony is, I’ve been finding work-arounds :joy:, but I will definitely put this new infinite scroll to use!

Thanks a ton

“Clap Clap”:heart_eyes:

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PHENOMENAL! Thank you!

Iits not working for me on mobile. I changed it to extended vertical scroll and it just loads as many rows as i have set (7 in this case). When i switch it back to regular vertical scroll it works again but it still takes really long to load. my admin account has only about 30 songs in the playlist and it takes about 10 seconds for the tab to switch and then load. it looks like the page is frozen.

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Facing the same issue. Had to rever back to vertical infinite scroll

there needs to be some sort of spinning icon that lets you know it’s loading or trying to load. Using isloading works for the initial load but not as you scroll the extended list

Can you share a link to a mobile page? Things are fine on desktop right?

@donaldlh I’ll see what we can do for the spinner, we don’t show the icon when you’re in the original infinite scroll we had either, but i’l see.

I second this for the original infinite scroll as well. I’ve had testers tell me that they thought my repeating groups were broken at first. (I typically use them to show search results from external APIs)

Currently, infinite scroll repeating groups show a spinner when they change their data source, but not when they are searching for new data with the same parameters. Would be great if it were both.

I just tried on my app on mobile and it works fine. please email us a bug report (bubble.is/bug_report) if you see some issues.

This may not be the be all end all solution but:

I played around with this new group very briefly - I think: like the Facebook site - this group needs to dominate the page to work its best.

if your page is 380X640 - the extended vertical scroll seems to work best if it is also thoughs dimensions…

It may require some UI tweeks (like putting floating groups on top of the ext.scroll)

OK I’ll try again later and send you a bug report if needed. I’m more concerned with the load of the playlist tab in general. As of now when I click the tab it doesn’t switch to the group and then try to load the repeating group (so the user knows that it’s loading). Instead it tries to load the repeating group before it switches the hidden group on. It takes quite a while for this and looks like the page is frozen. If I could get it to show the group first then I could have the loading icon on the RG and the user would know what’s going on. I have tried everything i can think of to accomplish this but it still waits to show the group until after its loaded and my “is loading” icon has disappeared at that point.

Struggling somewhat to get this to scroll. In that it doesn’t appear to ?

What do I need to do to make it scroll ?

erm… choose Ext vertical scroll… and that’s it…

i have a 3x3 repeating group that works just great… it just keeps expanding to show more and more images forever…

Mine doesnt :frowning:

Man, that sucks…

Share a link?



Very odd behavior. When you have the debugger (or indeed, if you shrink your browser window) it shows them all, but if you have full screen it doesn’t. Or at least it does on mine.

As I say, it doesn’t work as it is described.

Tested in Chrome and Edge.

Oh, and if you look at the page in portrait on an Android phone … 4 items - doesn’t scroll. Turn to Landscape, they all appear. Then they are still there when you go back to Portrait.

Hi Nigel. Same for me actually on my app. Sometimes the repeating group’s last item’s bottom position is well above the page’s scroll position. So the user think all the items are already displayed.