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Repeating group only showing up after scrolling (Bug?)

Hi everyone,

So, I have a ‘news feed’ on my page, which is a repeating group with ext vertical scrolling. But, the repeating group only shows up after the users scrolls. It doesn’t load on page load.

I made a GIF to better explain the issue. As you can see it opens on a ‘blank’ page.

I’m pretty sure it didn’t show this behavior a couple days ago and it might be a new bug. Or, am I overlooking something and it this something I caused myself? :grimacing:

Let me know what you guys think could be the issue, thanks!


Looks a lot like this Safari issue:

Have u tested it in Chrome?

The bug shows on Chrome as well

Yup, like @William1 said, it seems to do this in every browser. (So, for once, it’s not a Safari issue haha!)

It looks like Bubble wants multiple items to be in the viewport for the repeating group to load, or something?

When I set the Repeating Group to more rows it seems to work OK! (4 doesn’t work, but 8 does. Weird.)

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Unchecking ‘This element is visible on Page load’ and adding a condition like "Page is Loaded “Yes” -> This Element is Visible to the repeating group also solves it, but seems like hacky workaround.

Also, doing this makes the group invisible in the editor as well, which is annoying.

Hopefully someone knows a better solution! (@emmanuel?) :slight_smile:


Good news everyone! (insert Farnsworth meme here)

Emmanuel just contacted me they found the issue, and they pushed a fix.

I just tested it, and it seems to work again!


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