[New Feature] Fast-searchable server logs now released

Hi All,

The new server logs system, previously deployed in beta, is now released to all users. As mentioned earlier, the new system is powered by a custom built backend and you should expect to see much faster queries with it.

We’ll continue to fix any potential bugs and add user-requested features, so if you have feedback, let us know!



Not sure if anyone else has this issue but ever since this new server log setup, we cannot get server results descending. The list just stays empty.

Ideally it would be great to empty the date and see the server log descending by default (clicking search)

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Yep. Reported that bug a few weeks ago.


Hey all – yes, we’re aware of the issue.

We’re currently working on a few improvements to the server logs tab, so we’ll be sure to take care of this in the process. On that note, if anyone has any feedback or improvements they’d like to see, feel free to share them.


As I use this server logs every 5 minutes, for 20 hours per day, and refreshing Chrome often during the day, having the present date-time instead of passed date will be great on the date selection. It’s fast, that the most important thing. Welcome back @nickhil :slight_smile:

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  • I would like to specify a date/time range to limit logs to a specific timeframe.
  • I would like to export the logs to view in my text editor.
  • I would like to use combinations of filters to limit the logs returned.
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To be able to see quickly a time frame, like last hour, last 12 hours, 24 hours etc.

When using the search function to track an error with a recent workflow it is cumbersome to have to introduce the date the way it is currently set up.

Even a time/date drop down would be useful.

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Hey all,

We’ve received a few reports of a bug in the “descending” mode for logs. We just rolled out a fix – instead of a checkbox that determines the direction of time, you simply scroll up for earlier results, and down for later results.

As usual, please let us know if there are any issues.



Is there a way to export the logs and have a cold copy of those?

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Not at this point.

If we cannot export the logs -
Is there a way to keep the server logs for at least 90days for compliance purposes?