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Github plugins sync'ing 50% working

So, i have a paid Github account (not sure if that makes any difference)…any of my plugin’s get sync’d to my Github account…all working and goodness.

If i pull or Folk other peoples they do not sync…unless i’m missing something…if its my plugin …in the editor i hit the sync to Github and that works…nothing is available from the pull’s or folk’s thou.

I’ve never filed a bug report and i’ve checked and double checked before doing so.

I’m not even able to sync my own plugins.
The first sync works but after that i always get an error.
I’m also on a paid github account.

So my use cases…

  1. I create a plug-in and synchronise with github (that works, splendid)
  2. I invite someone to pull or fork into their Github account and it will not synchronise with their plug-ins (that fails)
  3. I commit a change in Github the plug-in that I had originally created and hit the synchronisation option I’m starting to get emotional) error

So now I completely delete the repository where I committed to change and re-sync the plug in (success, my faith is re-established)

NOW for the crucial part… I completely delete my plug-in!

I then refresh my browser and miraculously my plug-in reappears and obviously automatically syncs with my Github account (like an elegant gazelle it is a thing of beauty)

I now update my plugin and sync…yep all good the github is updated

So now I ask someone to share an empty plug-in which they have created and uploaded to thier account and subsequently invite me to so I pulled it and also forked for good measure

I refresh my browser and it should in theory synchronise but nothing (I re-fresh my browser make coffee nothing… It’s like as much fun as chopping wood on my face)

So this is what I do…

Craftily I create a plug-in and name it exactly the same as the plug-in which has been shared with me by the other person… That should work. (Nope nothing)

I think ive been as thorough as possible and I can’t think of any other ways to approach this.

I suppose at least it’s a backup of my plug-ins if anything horrendous should happen

I share your pain.
At this point the behaviour is so unpredictable. So like you i’m just using it as a backup.
Whenever i make a significant change, i delete the old github repo and then do a new sync from bubble.

Can you file a bug so that we can reproduce this message? I’m general it’s not supposed to be unpredictable, and no one has reported any issue yet.

i have found that getting an error is a good thing… as bad as it sounds every time i get an error my plugins actually end up synced… i have been meaning to get onto the bug report i have about 3 different reports now but like you guys its finding the time…

I have filed a bug report. If anyone in your team wants to sync their GitHub account purely for the purpose of testing an empty plug-in in a bidirectional fashion as I’ve done, I’m happy to invest a bit of time. If not, that’s fine too

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