Plugin Builder: "Synchronize with GitHub" Always Fails, Even on a New, Minimal Plugin

I’ve reported this as bug report #8548: AT the moment, it looks to me like “Synchronize with GitHub” always fails. Any plugin builders seeing the same thing?

At first, I thought this was an issue with a specific plugin element of mine. However, it seems (at least for me) that even if you create a new, empty plugin and put a minimal element in it, publish the plug and then try to “Synchronize to GitHub”… even THAT fails.

Bubble always returns “Issue synchronizing plugin”.

I note – in the case above (brand new plugin) – Bubble does create a new repository (e.g., . However, all that’s in it is a README and no plugin code gets committed.

Any other plugin builders successfully Synch to GitHub today?

Confirmed. Seems to be an issue.

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Thanks so much for confirming. I literally spent hours last night and again this morning “troubleshooting” what I thought was an issue with the List Shifter plugin element.

Trying to push yet another massive update to that plug (but without breaking versus previous versions) and can’t do it without being able to make a little modification via GitHub.

Thrashed on that so much that it’s entirely possible I may have borked the repo for List Shifter Karma-Ware version. GRRRRR… But of course I won’t know until Sync with GitHub actually works at all.


I use the sync feature for all my plug-ins and have reported several issues over the past 6 months or so - this one probably being the closest to the current problem. They did all get resolved in a timely manner at least.

Yeah, I saw that post, @sudsy. I haven’t been hit by Sync to GitHub flakiness before so was looking around for potential solutions and causes before determining that it’s just generally broken ATM.

BTW, Bubble support confirmed sync with GitHub is not currently working and will advise when engineering let’s them know about a fix.

AAAAND, this is still broken/not working in all cases. Very frustrating. I’m impatient and I have a new plugin version I want to publish that relies on this functionality to restore continuity. Hmmm… publish a breaking change or wait?

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I’m excited to see what your updates are!

Hey @troy.roberge: You can already see it in that copy project you created for me. It’s authorized for the development version of List Shifter.

I actually added several functions that enable what you’d truly like to do. See the workflow that happens when you upload an image there… The issue I see is that the machine OCR is not accurate. It misses part of the model string for reasons I don’t understand. So I feel like what you are trying to do is a non-starter.

But, that being said, it does a bunch of processing (ITERATIVE processing) in a single workflow. (Examine the console to see it happening.)

Also, look at what I did to your API setup. That’s how you do that.

Hey, I’ll reply in PM, but you are awesome, just so everyone knows :wink:

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So, for anybody else having this issue: While it looked to me like Sync with Github started working again, it is not working correctly.

I’m finding that with my List Shifter plugin, “Synchronize to Github” seems to work again (in that it doesn’t throw an error), but some its Actions and some of its States are not being exported.

For some reason (perhaps specific to this plugin), only 20 of its Actions show up in GitHub (out of 22 defined in the plugin) and only 26 of its Actions (of 29 defined in the plugin) show up.

This is absolutely crazy-making.

Additionally, it seems the minimal plug-in example I provided to demonstrate this issue still does not synchronize to GitHub at all (it still throws the “Issue Synchronizing” error).

So, while I thought this was fixed, it is not. Just a warning that, if there is a general error with GitHub synchronization, you could get yourself into a situation where you have certain components of your plugin vanish.

(And yes, the 1.8 version of List Shifter Karma-Ware I pushed this morning is currently incomplete as it is missing certain actions and exposed states.)

Grrr… I feel like I’m never going to get this thing out.

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