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[New Feature] Grouping and Aggregating Data

@josh It seems this feature is kind of useless in repeating groups if you can’t group and sort by the same field. Now I have a bunch of groups in a random order.

Also, what is the best way to create category headers in a repeating group? Right now I have a repeating group with the source as a thing and grouped by a category field. This repeating group has the category field shown as a text header and then a nested repeating group underneath. How do I get those things that belong to that category in the nested repeating group? The only way I can make it work is to do another search for those things that belong to that cell’s category. This doesn’t seem very efficient however, since I have already searched and fetched those things in the main repeating group, but now I’m doing another search for each category. Is there a way to tell the nested repeating group to show those things from the original search in the current cell’s group without doing multiple searches? I hope this makes sense!

Hi Josh,

Should we still submit a bug report for the freezing issues or are you guys working on it? Would be willing to chip in to sponsor a fix as I need it for a client app.

Cheers, Greg

Just pushed the latest update to my cluster and I think it’s fixed.

Hi @josh

Is the freezing issue fixed? because I’m still having issues with browser freezing on pages where the “:group by” is used on a chart.

Hi @vascolucci, I believe we’ve fixed all freezing-related group by bug reports that we’ve gotten so far, so if you’re still seeing freezing issues, please submit a report and we’ll investigate

Thanks, I will check if the freezing persist, I will submit bug report.

@josh Can we not group by a Yes/No field? Yes/No fields do not show up in the group by drop down.

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I’m having a mind bending problem, would love some ideas.

I’ve got a page I’ve made to be converted to pdf that shows when a user was active on the app. The repeating group entries are grouped by created date. Here’s how it should look:

Working version with debug_mode=true

When I take out the debug_mode=true parameter, some data still displays correctly (see the user’s name and the total hours at the top, both coming from the user parameter in the url), but the repeating group using ‘grouped by’ shows up empty values. This is the same as what I see when I use a convert to pdf plugin (I’ve tried several and even external sites).

Broken version without debug_mode=true

Does anyone have any ideas, or am I going crazy?

There is a recent bug that seems to be impacting some apps. Our developers are investigating and we’ll let you know as soon as the fix is live.


The fix is live.

It would be nice to be able to aggregate date fields.

I’m grouping log entries made by the same user. I can get the count, which gives me the total number of log entries made by that user. I would like to also find the most recent log entry in that group using MAX on the modified date field, but it looks like MAX only works on number fields.

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It would also be nice to be able to “join” the list of groupings.

I’m scoring a survey that has several categories within it. The “group by” works to generate an average for each category, and the grouping itself has the “category” and “average” as fields side by side, but I’d like to keep the results organized in an array or table when I save them. “Join with” only appears when I select an individual field, which means the results look like this:
A,B,C, + 1,2,3
instead of this:
Basically, to save or print the results I need to concatenate the fields in the list and then join the resulting strings.

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@Bubble Do you plan to add a sorting function applied to the grouping result ?


Will the list of type “grouping” be supported in more bubble elements and actions?

I’d like to be able to save the results but nothing outside of the repeating group (and chart?) recognize “grouping” as an option. So I can’t even save the grouping to a database thing, because that action requires picking the source type from the dropdown.

Is there a way to group by hour? I tried grouping by day and setting the interval to a decimal (like .1) but it doesn’t look like it works.

I tried getting the list of things, converting it into a list of dates, and formatting each date as HH (just the hour) but then I can’t group by anymore.


An aggregate type that would be useful is “difference between consecutive items”.

I’m calculating fasting periods as the time between when foods are logged. So it’s the time between each entry that I need. The time stamps can be converted to numbers, which aggregates already work in.

I was able to do this in the toolbox Expression element using map Toolbox plugin - collection of utility elements

Anyone figured out how to return a grouping from an API? I’m trying to get a list of my users sorted by creation date - grouped by Month… and return this from the API. Currently no luck, as ‘grouping’ is not an option in the data types, and trying to coerce the fields to change using standard bubble hacks (copy expression and paste etc., hoping the data type auto updates to grouping once you select ‘group by’ etc.) are not working.
@fayewatson @copilot any tips?

I tried it with a simple example, and it worked much the same as for grouping a list from a search.

Say for example, setting up a RG … start with the data source, grab the API data, extract the part that is a list, then group by, then the RG data type should change to Grouping.

Edit: looks like this, API result is in the RG’s parent group (pardon the pun):

all, I have done everything as shown in the original post but bar chart only shows last month’s data. any idea?

and below is the results (shoud’ve shown multiple months):


any idea?

Does it work for count instead?
Is there any entries with an empty shipping cost?