[New Feature] Grouping and Aggregating Data

Wow, nice update to the charting feature! Just what I’ve been looking for.

Now we’ve got grouping/aggregation, do you plan @josh releasing a kind of double entry table visual element ?

here an exemple from a client’s app, with one RG on each row inside another RG, and dozens of Do a search for…

Sometimes it needs >20 to be filled-in and the PDF printing time out.

I’m experiencing the same freezing issue using groupings in a repeating group. It even kills the bubble.is main dashboard page and I have to close all bubble tabs that I have open.

I’m told several bug reports have been submitted on this, and it is being worked.

Glad I´m not the only one :joy:

Yeah, we’re investigating the freezing issue – we’ll likely have a fix next Mon or Tue. I believe the bugs with the inspector not showing the current cell’s grouping, and with changes to records not updating correctly, have been fixed (updating results might not be instant when the underlying data changes, but it should happen within thirty seconds or so at the latest).


Is this not possible or am I missing something…? :slight_smile:

@gxjansen Is this what you’re looking to set up? :slight_smile: In this example, 1 User signed up on April 17th, and 3 signed up today, April 21st:

The data setup I used is:

*Note: This is showing the past 30 days and the future 3 days so the graph doesn’t get cut off on April 21st. If you want to remove the next three days, the Ending Date would just be “Current date/time”


Is searching done in the server in one request? Or is there going to be a slight performance issue like :filter and other modifiers?


Unfortunately you’re not missing something – we don’t have out-of-the-box support for cumulative calculations. That said, this is something that could be easily added to a custom chart plugin. I haven’t checked our existing plugins to see if any of them support cumulative graphs or not, yet – I’d recommend checking them out, and if none of them support it, you could consider sponsoring one of them to add it if you really need the feature.

Generally, group by operations done on top of search will be done on the server in a single request, so it should be pretty fast. If there are more than 100 groups in the result, we load them 100 at a time, so a chart that tries to display 1000 data points at once might be a little slow.

If you do a group by on top of a list that doesn’t come straight from a search, depending on what operations you do to build the list, we may have to do the grouping in the web browser, which means loading all the underlying data to the web browser, which is much slower. So if you do a search → advanced filter → group by, that will take about as long as it would to load every result in the original search. Generally if we’re able to calculate the underlying list on the server, though, we’re also able to do the group by on the server.

(Sometimes Bubble will choose to do the grouping the web browser even if we don’t have to, if you’ve already loaded most of the results and we think it will be faster to just load all of them than it will be to do a separate group by search).


No, I managed to get what you have, but I’m looking for cumulative calculations, what @josh mentioned

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I had thought I could do the following with this feature:

Show in a chart items per grouping. For example I have a data type of ‘Groceries’. Each entry has a type and a product.

Type Product
Vegetables Zucchini
Vegetables Eggplant
Fruit Banana
Fruit Apple

In an Excel pivot table/chart, it looks like this:

Anyone figured something like this out?

hey @gxjansen - Chart Tools offers cumulative aggregation. I am mid-way through transitioning the plugin to these native Bubble grouping tools (it previously offered grouping / aggregation but this Bubble implementation offers more firepower).


Oh cool thx for that, I’ll check it out. Let me know when the native grouping is ready!

Is there any update to fixing the freezing of repeating groups? If not, I will go back to they way I was doing them before until this is sorted out.

it´s not fixed yet. I filed a report today about this because my app keeps freezing. I was told developers are working on the fix and will deploy as soon as ready

We deployed a fix to a bug last evening that caused the page to freeze when grouping on a user or custom thing in situations where Bubble was loading all the raw data to the web browser, which was likely the cause of many of the reported bugs above. If you’re still seeing issues with this, please submit or follow up on a bug report to us.


That took care of my bug report, all fixed…Thanks @josh

@josh would it be possible to sort the result list from the grouping please ?
I’ve not been able to sort my [Products] according to one of its field

sending you the exemple in PM


I´ve already reported this is a bug and this is the reply I got:

So…it seems we´ll have to wait…