[New Feature] Important - Google Map Keys

Hi all,

As Bubble grows, we have to start being a little bit more strict about credentials and rate limiting. Starting today, we are rate limiting Google Map loads for all apps. We therefore very strongly recommend users using maps in their apps to get their own keys at


and enter it in the Settings Tab / General Section (and then to deploy to live!). Doing so will prevent rate limits (while our limits are quite high, this can impact your users’e experience), while Google is quite generous with their free tiers. Using your own key will also make place autocomplete a little bit faster, etc.

Similarly, when you assign a domain to your app, you should create a key and enter it in the same section as keys won’t work on a custom domain.

Let us know if you have any question.


Noticed the call-out for this on the Settings tab in one of my apps just now.

With that said, I’m very appreciative that you allow Bubble apps access to the Google Maps API out of the gate. :smiley:

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Is this needed to replicate what’s shown in the api video you have in the learning center? I can’t get the exact same app that’s explained in that 1 min video so wondering if this is the issue. If so, please update that video or add some extra instructions with it. If it’s not this key issue, then why doesn’t it work for me?

Api video I refer to is this one: