Google Maps Rate being limited but I can't understand why

I asked here back in April about and thought I’d solved it but the issue’s back.

I have a google maps component in my app that uses the correct API keys from my Google console which has proper payment details set up etc.

However, I’ve received an email (while I was having dinner 300 miles away having not touched me my app for a fortnight) telling me that my app, which isn’t even live and doesn’t have any users other than me is being rate limited due to a “high number of map loads”.

I’m sure I’m not using a generic Bubble Api key but I don’t know where to look nor what’s going on. I’ve followed the instructions in the video that was linked to in the email I received and that just confirmed that I’d followed all the correct steps to use the correct API keys.

Can anyone shed any light on this mystery using plain language that an apparent simpleton like me can understand?

Many thanks

A couple of things come to mind:

  • Errant backend workflows: Do you have some flow running on a schedule that uses the maps API? For example, some workflow that manipulates a geographic address field in a bulk capacity?

  • Bots: Could it be Google or someone else crawling your site?

My guess is the former. You are probably manipulating some address data that requires the Google Maps API in a way that you didn’t expect, and that’s counting toward your usage…?

Many thanks for taking the time to come back to me on this.
I have very few backend WFs and those that I do have don’t refer to maps in any way.
I don’t think it’s bots either as it’s not live yet.
The plot thickens.