Rate limited Google Maps

I had an email at 04.40 today telling me that my App is being limited due to the high number of Google Map loads.

Screenshot 2023-04-21 085022

But here’s the thing. Yes, my App has a Google Maps plugin but…
My app isn’t live, I’m the only one who has access to it and I haven’t used anything Google Map related on it in literally months. So where are all these map loads coming from and who’s doing them? Should I be questioning security?

I noted yesterday that Bubble was down…could this be related to that throwing out some spurious notifications?

I’d love any advice on this.
Many thanks in advance.

Are you using your own Google API keys?

Honestly? I don’t know. I thought they were unique things that were generated for me at the point they were created. How do I find out? I assumed they were mine because Google took my credit card for billing purposes so if they’re not “mine” that’s pretty alarming.

It looks like you haven’t added your own Google API keys to your app, so you’ll be using the shared Bubble Google API, which limits you to just 6 requests per minute (which is no good for anything).

So, make sure you use your own API keys if you’re using anything to do with the Google locations APIs

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Thanks Adam, I’ll look into that.
I think I’ve slammed headfirst into the wall of acronyms and “stuff” in Bubble and apps and hosting etc that I know nothing about.