[New Feature] Magic login link workflow action

Hey @PineappleJoe! I think you’ll find that most people who have been on building with Bubble for a number of years learned how through the community (forum, videos, coaching) and trial and error.

In my nearly five years of Bubblin’ I’ve personally communicated with the Bubble staff two times (via email for bug reports). That’s about as far as my expectations go for support, which is fine…

I too was curious about how to use the magic links. Unfortunately because it’s so new, there hasn’t been any real talk about it on here. I headed to the docs and learned everything I needed from there however. Hint: it needs to have on the server side, so create a backend workflow to make it work.

Regarding Sendgrid, it’s an unreliable pain. Take a look in the forums for alternatives though, you’ll see a lot about Postmark.

Sometimes it’s good to just shut your computer off and come back fresh in the morning. It’s easy to get hot, but I can assure you that emmanuel will not respond to this. Obviously he cares. They just raised $100 M round, I’m sure he/they care more than ever.


@mac2 I appreciate the thoughts and dont get the impression im sitting here fuming like a steam engine. These are well thought through emails written for effect. I will say that i find it interesting that the main point offered by two people to contrast mine is “lower your expectations”.

If that doesnt serve as a warning sign for the folks at bubble I dont know what will.

The actual truth is that what you are seeing is the inside of bubble. Its not well organized and doesnt really know how to think about customers. The people ive communicated with via email have been generally great. I’ve also learned that they have probably not been well staffed which , when coupled with lack or organization, creates the outcomes you see. Maybe things will improve now that they have money to hire but to be honest its not likely.

At least not without us having very high expectations.

The values of a company are strongest early on and then over time rot and decay. All companies that grow will experience this. If you start with a bad culture or lack of focus - its not likely that you are going to somehow just improve. Not without some painful lessons at least. Or a vocal set of customers.

I mean its completely clear that @sam8 is not rewarded based on any customer metrics. Their compensation is unrelated to how well the features they build benefits customers. If it was you would see @sam8 actively focusing on making sure that people are happy and not just happy but understand the different use cases and are integrating it into their products asap - but theres none of that. @sam8 worked on something and then did us the great favor of letting us know about it with one post and their job is done. Success. Thats an artifact that you can directly attribute to @emmanuel. He has low expectations for what his devs do. And it shows. And im not suggesting that their devs are constantly answering questions on posts all the time. Im suggesting that at the very least an “announcement” post should be taken seriously by the person that made the announcement. I dont think that would be asking too much.

Jared.Gibb makes a business of helping people in a variety of ways with bubble. He seems like a very positive force here. There is no way he could maintain the reputation he has if he behaved like sam8. Right? If he made a great control and then posted about and didnt answer a single question about it - do you think many people would try it out? Of course not. Its in his best interest to engage deeply on his own posts about his own stuff to ensure everyone knows how it can benefit them AND that they have an engaged dev who could help them further. Clearly sam8’s motivations and incentives are different.

And here is how things rot as companies scale. now that they can hire more people - in time sam8 will be given manager responsibilities … if they dont have them already. Whats the chance that sam8 will care if the people they hire engage with us proactively? precisely zero.

Sendgrid is one of my go to examples of a company operating without any real leadership. that issue is as old as the hills. and we stepped into it like the steaming pile that it is. A startup spent valuable time and energy learning about sendgrid, building it, rolling it out then discovering that its an unreliably scam. Then we had to unwind and figure out alternatives. From my emails with them i understand the lack of resources was one factor but the truth is that it is but an excuse. Not for an issue as serious and as old as it is.

And you’re wrong. The more money emmanuel has - the less he will personally care. Human nature.

All this to say - raise your expectations. If you like bubble and want bubble to succeed - be a sharp thorn in their side. They may not like you but if they are smart they will appreciate you.


What a silly thing to say. Bubble is where it is today largely thanks to this community. As @PineappleJoe has mentioned, this forum has a ocean of feedback for Bubble to tap into, which they clearly don’t. Or they might be working on them behind the scenes but their communication levels are frustrating at best.

I agree with this 100%. Bubble listens to its users? Then how about fixing a fundamental feature to ANY web application, the email feature? There are dozens of threads about Bubbles default email feature not working dating back YEARS, one thread has 70 replies. What have Bubble done till now? Nothing. Yet, they continue to come out with half baked features which they sometimes have to roll back or features no one has asked for.

Only when more people like @PineappleJoe provide such well written out feedback would Bubble hear past their fanboys and actually get on with it. If everyone with constructive feedback was told to “go learn react,” Bubble will still be saying we are taking it slow with the Flex engine, we are taking it slow with everything.

@jared.gibb It might not be in your interest if Bubble simplifies their platform so that anyone can jump on and start building apps, because it seems like you make money out of this, but please don’t tell posters to “go learn react” when they have a genuine complaint.


@jared.gibb Nothing personal, I respect you have been very very helpful to a lot of people on this forum.


One of the best life lessons that can be shared with others. I tell this to everyone. Never expect anything from anybody because it will only disappoint you when they only give you what they give.



When we use the Just create link, don’t send email feature, is the link still valid for 1 hour? Or is it valid for 24 hours as in the reset password option?

@sam8 @nick.carroll

just a temporary fix for URL parameters: you can save the unique IDs you want to navigate to with that user in a new field for the user.
and then use Do a search for X with unique ID y to display the right data on the new page once they are logged in.

You can even use a commaseparated list of unique IDs and use the split by function for multiple parameters. eg first one is always project they navigate to, second unique ID is always the task they navigate to.


Hey! The link is valid for one hour if its created without the email as well. Curious - would your use case require a longer time window?

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Thanks for the answer. Yeah.

The rough scenario is as follows:
The user invites someone to the application by email.
A user account is created with the corresponding email.
If the user clicks on the link within 24 hours, his account becomes active and he is directed to a page where he can create a password.
If there is no login for 24 hours, the temporary account will be deleted.

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The idea is to allow users to log into their accounts without needing to enter a password or in case they forgot their password but don’t feel like resetting it. The “magic link” token is generated and stored server side to remain secure, and then sent to the user via email (or text message if you’d like). This is a somewhat common flow in B2B SaaS apps (like Slack & Expensify) that we noticed users were working around with the assign a temporary password action.


That makes sense, thanks. We are looking into adding the ability for users to set their own expiration time window to better fit their use case.

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Yes, so long as the magic link is sent to the user via a server side action.

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@nick.carroll @jared.gibb @cmarchan


Anyone was able to “Navigate to the link URL”?? I tried here and nothing happened…

I couldn’t retrieve the link as well….

I used the option to generate the link but not send the e-mail…

Yep this is correct, you should be able to accomplish the above flow using this new workflow action. The option to generate the link and not send the email is there so users are free to use their own email service.

Looking into this as an option, thanks for the feedback.

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The link lasts for one hour, though we are looking into having this be a time window set by the bubble developer.

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Do you have any additional details on the issue you are experiencing? Happy to try and help here - though if you think you are running into a bug, I would definitely suggest reaching out to support@bubble.io.

Hi @nick.carroll .


I created a system where I would like to let an admin to log as a regular user.

So, in the user’s info page (logged as an admin) I placed a button that generate the magic link and navigate the admin to the link. I made this so the admin can log in as a customer/client in order to see if everything is fine. Also, help with the support…

But when I click the button, I see the loading bar in the top… but nothing happends…
I stay in the same page.

I also tryed to insert the link into a custom state and display the custom state in a text field and also, nothing was showned…

I am using the user’s e-mail to generate the link…

Ah yes - this is because the link cannot be sent to the client-side in a workflow action (for security purposes). This is why the link is not showing up in a navigate action or when trying to set and display a custom state. FYI - this feature might not be for your intended use case, however, as it is designed to only let the owner of the email account tied to the user account log in. You could workaround this by sending the login link to the admin’s email in a custom email - though I’d highly recommend the end user initiating the sending of this email on behalf of the admin for privacy concerns.

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Thanks @nick.carroll !

Answered all the questions.