[New Feature] Restoring your app data & backups

Part of our migration to Postgres we’ve added the ability for users to restore their application’s database to an earlier version. That will be useful when something wrong happens…

You can find this in the Data Tab, App Data section. If you click on “Copy and restore database”, you’ll see popup that lets you:

  1. copy your app data between the two versions of your app (no change here)
  2. restore either version (live or development) to an earlier version (new). You just need to pick which version you want to restore, type a time, and you’re done.

If you reverted something by mistake and want to revert again, you can do this by choosing a time right before the (wrong) revert.

How far you can go depends on your plans. It goes from 7 days for users on a free plan to 90 days when you are on a Team Plan.

Keep in mind this is a critical admin operation, and should be done carefully (the popup will ask you to confirm). In particular, this can take some time if your app’s database is large, which will make workflows fail while this happens. So use this in live mode when you really have to, at a time where you can afford being in maintenance for a few minutes.



Great feature.

Is this why my dev database is not copying over to my live database? Tried to deploy in the wee hours of the morning (and again on normal hours earlier this morning) but kept being told by Bubble that “we ran into a bug, try again later”.

Do you want a Bug report for this, or will it clear up?


As always, this message means a bug report is best :slight_smile:

  1. Refresh the screen to update to the new one. :wink:
  2. WHEN YOU RESTORE FROM DATE => Refresh the entire screen ALSO.
    Working Fine, This is a major update. Thanks.

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Can you make sure you had a fresh refresh of the page?

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Hi Emmanuel, how do we know which time zone is being used for “time to restore to”?

Is it in reference to my local time, or is it in NY time?

Thanks in advance.

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Could be a very important question considering users are everywhere. I’m interested in this. (Y)

This is in the user timezone.


Is it possible to restore live data from a few days ago, into my current development database (to investigate an issue, to see if i can find data i may have deleted by accident), as i can’t overwrite my current live data as it has been modified by multiple users since then, which would be lost, and i dont think my development database from a few days ago will reflect the live database at that time.

Or does clicking restoring live database, whilst in development mode achieve this?



I have the same question “Is it possible to restore live data from a few days ago, into my current development database” , did you find a solution ?


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What happens to IDs and such when this “time to restore to” is used? I need to understand a little of the technical behind-the-scenes bits as I’m syncing data to other systems. If these IDs change during this process, it’ll create a mess elsewhere.

I didn’t see anything in the docs regarding this.

Thanks for the help / info!

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