Can I restore from LIVE to DEVELOPMENT?

I want to look at what my LIVE database looked like last Thursday, but I don’t want to actually restore my live database, because it’s continued to get new, super important updates.

I want to copy from LIVE last Thursday to DEVELOPMENT.

If I’m currently in DEVELOPMENT and select to restore LIVE, will it restore to LIVE or to DEVELOPMENT?

Hi there, @brenton.strine… to the best of my knowledge, you can’t do what you described. If you select Live in that dropdown, you are restoring the live version of your database regardless of whether or not you are in development when you do the restore. The only thing I can think of is to contact Bubble support and see if they have the ability to restore a previous version of your live database directly to your development database.


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Hi @brenton.strine , you could try this:

  1. Note down the current time before starting.
  2. Restore live database to last Thursday
  3. Copy over live database to development
  4. Restore live database to time in step 1(you can minus a few minutes just to be safe)

Based on my understanding, restoring databases do not wipe out your history. But you should try out on a separate app or a single datatype first just to be safe. Hope that helps!

Jordan Loh
Bubble Coach

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