[New Feature] Revamped File Manager & Bulk File Deletion


Guess it is backend workflows until the professional plan then

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Hey, @JohnMark,

I have 2 apps on professional plan and I can´t find it, can you tell me where can I find it? Thanks again

Hey all, just to clear up any confusion → the feature announced in this forum post, bulk deleting files, is only available in the File Manager (data tab), not as a backend workflow.


Ohh, haha. Do you know what plugin are you using?

Amazon plugin from ZeroQode

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Great, thanks

@shaylew Thanks for this update! Are there any plans to add better image management? Currently, we can click the “Search for free images” button to find images on Pexels and SplashBase. Could we have the same thing but for images that we already uploaded to our app? This would prevent having multiples of the same image uploaded across a large app and would be extremely useful for custom icons that are reused a ton.

Edit: It would also be nice to have the ability to rename already uploaded images/files and be able to organize them into folders.


Yep would love to have this functionality as well

What does “Attached to” do? It is always blank.

That is when the file is private it has to be attached to a Thing. Then in privacy rules you can set who can see files for a given thing.

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Easiest way to do this is by setting up an API workflow with “file” as a parameter, the “Delete an uploaded file” action, and then to “schedule API workflow on a list”.