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[New feature] ShopRocket Integration - Shopping cart


We just integrated with ShopRocket, which lets you add a shopping cart to your app, and charge users using Stripe or Paypal. This lets you build the logic of a shopping cart into your app just adding a ‘Buy now’ element.

The way it works is that you set up your account with ShopRocket and create some products to sell in their dashboard. In Bubble, you install the plugin, enter your company ID, and can start adding a Buy Button on your page. For each button, you specify a product ID, and you’re all set. And since it’s Bubble, the product ID can be dynamic, so you can define a generic button in a repeating group or a page, and define the product ID as ‘current page’s product’s product ID’, provided you have this in your app.

Happy shopping!



While I think this is great. It’s adding another 2% fee on top of the Paypal/Stripe transaction fee, correct?

Yes, it does, that’s Shiprocket’s fee (I think Shopify does take something as well, on the top of the processing fee).

We’re going to look at Braintree soon, so it’ll be more direct, but no shopping cart functionality then.

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Braintree has a bunch of partners and integrations with shopping cart/ecommerce systems like Chargify, UltraCart or Goodsie. So while they may not be quite as easy as ShopRocket, maybe we could have options that don’t take as large a percentage of our revenue.

Hi there, Ryan here from Shoprocket.

We’re always keen to hear feedback on our product as well as pricing model. Our 2% is intentionally priced to align us with our customers goals. It’s within our interest to ensure you sell more. That’s why we’ve built a cart & checkout experience which on average generates twice as many sales for our stores than their previous carts did. (Sometimes 3x more)

I took a look at Chargify & ultracart and see they both have quite hefty entry level monthly fees. So I believe those carts would work out more expensive than shoprocket for most users.

We also reduce our 2% for stores with larger turnover (typically this is £20,000/month) and are always happy to hear thoughts on other pricing models.

P.S - We also have Braintree lined up as a gateway, but haven’t had much demand for it just yet.

If you have any other questions I’ll be happy to help.


Hi Ryan,

My comment was more towards previous posts that bubblers have made about the need for Paypal. Having to pay an additional 2% for transactions, unless we need a shopping cart seems excessive – at least for my requirements.

Also, while none of the options I mentioned are exactly like what you’re offering – your offering seems much easier to implement – they do become cheaper once you start to increase revenue.

If I had $50k in sales each month with Ultracart it would only cost me $49 a month.

With Shoprocket, the same $50k would be $1000 a month.

That’s a big difference.

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Hello Kfawcett,

You are correct the Ultracart costs basic tier costs $49 a month for sales between $0 and $50,000.

However if you store does $0 in sales each month then Ultracart still costs you $49 a month, the cost to you with Shoprocket is $0.

You would have to process $2500 a month (every month) before the Ultracart’s basic tier started to align with Shoprocket. Oddly however, if your sales doubled from $50k to $100k your base costs with Ultracart more than triple to $154.95.

This is why our customers really like the fixed fee model over monthly subscriptions. We strongly feel the more you process the cheaper it should become that is why as your sales grow to 50k,100k a month (and beyond) you will see the costs of Shoprocket come down dramatically.



Hi again, we’ve recently launched our monthly pricing model, so now there is 0% transaction fees on our orders. Our plans start from $7/month, which includes the majority of our core features.



Hi, Shoprocket is what I need, although I can’t find any comprehensive instructions to learn how to use it, are there any online guides available?


Shopping Cart integration is great - can we get a Bubble mid-tier plan though as well?

Bubble costs $90 a month in Australia for a professional app and $21 a month for a personal app.

I’m hoping for a mid-priced plan say $40-45 AUD a month to make it attractive for Users to use Bubble as an ecommerce solution with the prime advantage over website builders of being able to provide sophisticated app functionality to customers.

Without this, I would probably continue to use WordPress for my Ecommerce projects because:
a) the WPEngine price is $131 AUD a month for 10 WordPress installations and
b) I can get in and minify the .js and .css, gzip, remove unused files/JS/PHP etc. to improve page speed

but if there was a mid-tier plan I would be happy to give up b) and see how it goes…

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you note that we can define a repeating groups product is as a dynamic field. I am looking to sell a digital product stored in bubble. Is this possible? Since its digital I’d rather not have to upload it to shoprocket everytime a new one is created.

any suggestions?

Hello Bubble users, Shoprocket v1 is now in legacy mode for existing users only.

Shoprocket 2.0 is in live beta and can be found here:

It’s a complete rebuild in node, with a much simpler install process and many more features.

Please refrain from using the Bubble-Shoprocket integration for now, you can simply copy & paste our code into any page. As for integrations with “flows”, this will be added once the next Bubble app is released.

All the best,


Hi @Shoprocket is there any documentation that shows how to integrate shoprocket exactly into bubble?