[New Feature] Template Developer License


Part of our efforts to help the Bubble ecosystem thrive, we’ve just introduced a new license option when people acquire a template, the “Developer Template License”. If the seller elects to offer this license, users that acquire it for a given template will be able to use the template for apps sold to third party (this is in particular useful for agencies and freelancers building on top of a template).

Template sellers can define a price for this license (and then offer it) in the My templates page. You can read the terms of the different licenses offered on the marketplace in our Marketplace policies page.


Thanks for the update.

Would this mean we would have the commercial rights to modify it and resell?

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Hi @nocodeventure

As I read the policies, yes. “There is no limit on the number of applications the template can be used for. Buyer pays a one-time fee for the license”. So this is your suggestion coming to life :slight_smile:

Developer Template License. Buyer may access and use the template in applications used for their internal business or personal purposes or applications built for third parties. There is no limit on the number of applications the template can be used for. Buyer pays a one-time fee for the license which is remitted to Seller in accordance with Bubble’s Marketplace Pricing and Payment Policies.

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Is there any consideration for a developer license being available in the future for plugins as well @emmanuel?

In this case we don’t really need this concept currently. If you’re using an agency subscription, you can use plugins “for free” and the the user will need to subscribe when you transfer the app to them, so that should do what you’re hoping for right?

The agency system works well but that wasn’t exactly my thought. Developer license was the wrong term here :slight_smile: My bad!

I was thinking more of a ‘bulk use’ or more specifically ‘sub app’ license. Being able to purchase/subscribe to a plugin at a price point that it can be used in sub apps of the subscribing application without needing to repurchase/subscribe to it.

  • Sorry for hijacking the thread. Being able to develop on top of a template is a great new feature!


Idea/suggestion: allow creators to offer an “upgrade to dev” pricing from the “base template” license. The use case I foresee is this:

Assuming the template creators will list their template for a (much) higher price, I would still want to play with the template before purchasing a dev version. In my experience with templates you only get a good idea of the template’s quality after you see “under the hood”. I’d like to pay the base price for it first, and if it’s good, be able to pay the remaining balance for the dev version instead of buying it twice (once at base price, once at “dev” price). Template creators feel free to chime in here.


This is an option, if you already have it the button will say ‘upgrade’


not as a template though :slight_smile:
@emmanuel, perhaps this should be clarified in the developer license here https://bubble.io/marketplace-policies ?

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Awh shoot, I didn’t want to say it out loud though :smiley:

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Correct, “applications built for third parties” means applications, not templates.

I have a few questions regarding selling my full blown SAAS template with worldwide tax support, which I worked on for months. (See template explanation below if you are interested)

Now in my opinion a Individual license is worth at least 1000-2000 dollar, but I can only market it for 500. I can live with this because I assume this individual license will be bought many times.

  1. But what about a Developer Template License? What is the maximum of that license? I can’t find it.

  2. I can imagine there are big agencies and small agencies. So should this developer license not be per case? I mean an agency who uses it only 5 times should not spend the same developer license fee as a big agency who uses it 300 times right?

  3. Can somebody point me in the direction what I should ask for this developer license, given the fact that I will sell the individual license for 500?

  4. How is monitored that a template is not used as a base for another template for sell. In other words mis usage/theft/fraud?

A little background about the template:

Flexible SaaS system template, supporting the complex tax rules worldwide, integrated with Stripe with functionalities such as invoicing and support. And the beauty is that you can fully! customize it in the backend as a Super Admin without touching any code nor workflows. Ok this was not my pitch :slightly_smiling_face: (that will come). What I mean to say that I spend months to make this the perfect SAAS template to jump right into building the actual app, instead off diving into the blur of SAAS functionalities and regulations.

Sorry, we were missing this on our terms, it’s currently $10 - $5,000 (we’ll mention this in our terms shortly).

Thanks @emmanuel. Could you give some insight about point four?

Sorry missed that one. Yes, we do check if an app is based on a template created by someone else, in which case we prevent the app to become a template.

With Developer Template License would this mean we would have the commercial rights to modify it and resell when using a template for an app you plan to build for business purposes?
So investors can come on board?
Or will this go fine to do with just Standard template license also?
(prefers longer answers)

@emmanuel - a question on the free vs paid template license.

If I offer a template for free, and later add a price, will people installing it before, still have access to install the template for free after the price is added and license changed?