Use a template from the marketplace to build a commercial app?

Have had a look at some of the templates in the Bubble Marketplace and identified a few that might be a good design fit for a project that I am about to start.

However, I read the below in the Bubble Marketplace Policies ( and I am a little confused…

Individual Use Template License. Buyer may access and use the template in applications used for their internal business or personal purposes (i.e., this license does not allow Buyer to incorporate the template in applications built for third parties). There is no limit on the number of applications the template can be used for. Buyer pays a one-time fee for the license which is remitted to Seller in accordance with Bubble’s Marketplace Pricing and Payment Policies.

Does this mean that I cannot use the template in a commercial scenario?

What I am looking to build is a SaaS-type application that companies will have to pay me to access and use. If I buy a template from the marketplace I will use it for design purposes to speed up development, allowing me to focus on the database and actual functionality.

Or does the legal text above mean I cannot use a template as a starting point for a bubble application that I build for one (1) individual company?


This has been discussed quite a lot on the forums and there is a lot of confusion around this subject, I reached out to Bubble legal and this is the response I got. Hopefully this provides some clarification but again, I personally believe it can be interpreted several ways.

Thanks for reaching out! In accordance with our terms, specifically, Sections 6h and 2b, you may not “rent, lease, share, distribute, or sell [the template you purchased] to any third party…”

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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Thanks @burnsadam123

Yes, I agree that the answer can be interpreted several ways but after having read it a couple of times I’m leaning towards interpreting the statement like “it’s not OK to rent, lease, share, distribute, or sell [The Actual Template as it is] to any third party”. :grinning:

Reading section 6h makes me believe that the statement in the Marketplace policy is aimed towards the Agency Plan which is available for Bubblers who develop stuff for clients.

Yes, it’s directed to agencies. It may be used as a SaaS. That said, if you have zero knowledge of Bubble, working on templates may be too difficult.

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I have almost finished a powerfull saas template which I want to market. My question would be; if someone buys my template and upgrades it with another functionality, can he/she then resell this upgraded version as a new template on the market place?

In case of my saas template, which is 100% complete, I hope not! But I also created a menu template which provides you a solid responsive menu, but nothing more. What then? Is the developer allowed to use my menu template and build it up to market it at the market place?

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I’ve seen this done on a few other MPs. Theres a fine line between investing into a ‘good theme’ for design inspiration or to merely swipe the code to ‘reskin’ and claim the loot - it’s one of those taboo subjects that can turn foul.

Thanks I will definitely investigate this further.