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My company is on the way to building our prototype, but we want to make sure we’re following the marketplace guidelines.

Are we allowed to purchase a template, modify/configure it to our company’s product and release it as our prototype?

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In my understanding, as long as it’s for you and not for a client, yes. That’s what they’re for.

Hi @versaup,

Welcome to Bubble, I had this question a good while a go when I first started on Bubble I messaged the legal team and this is the response I got, hopefully it will provide some clarification.

Thanks for reaching out! In accordance with our terms, specifically, Sections 6h and 2b, you may not “rent, lease, share, distribute, or sell [the template you purchased] to any third party…”

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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Poorly defined IMO.

If you build an app with a template, and then charge third parties to use that app… is that covered ?

Or if you build an app for a client that uses a template as a base ?

Or is it just selling the template to a third party ?

I hereby give you permission to modify and configure my templates as your own prototype outside of Bubble :ballot_box_with_check: :stuck_out_tongue:

This means you can’t re-sell the same template on the Bubble marketplace, outside of this scope I don’t mind whatever you’re planning to do. You can check my templates below.


That’s kind. But my contract is not with you :slight_smile:

Agreed, it could be better explained.

I was merely being sarcastic, hopefully this will be clear soon.

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There are points I don’t like as a template user. First of all, I think the option should be given for commercial purposes. In addition, it may be 20-30% more expensive and / or not allowed to reuse.