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[New Feature] Zoom in editor


Users have been asking for this for a very long time. We now added the ability to adjust the zoom of the canvas so that you can work on specific places of your pages without using the browser zoom. You’ll find this option in the Grid & Borders menu.

When zoomed-in/out, you can keep dragging, inserting and moving elements. Note that we recommend doing a check when zoom is set to 100% as having a different zoom level can introduce some subtle differences.

Note that because of browser’s specification, we currently do not support zooming on Firefox.

Happy zooming!


This is great, thanks Bubble!

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Good come in handy I guess but I would like to see the things that are “Ongoing” in the roadmap soon.

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Hey @emmanuel thanks for the great feature. Can we have a shortcut keys to zoom to mouse location?


Awesome to have, second Ali’s request.

thanks. can you make it so it remembers my position when going back and forth from responsive tab.


Love the zooming!

Noticing though, that when zoomed if you add a reusable element its dimensions will not be set properly. Easily fixed by clicking on the Original element dimensions application, but perhaps a place to improve this great feature.

This is amazing.

Can’t wait to use this! Thank you so much!

Amazing new feature! Than you!

The designers at heart thank you from the bottom of our hearts! :blush:

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Finding this very useful, especially when working on a large monitor and having that extra space in the Bubble editor on either side. Plus working a 10px grid is alot easier on the eyes :grin:

Any chance setting the Zoom can persist across sessions and page loads? For instance refreshing will keep other settings for the grid and snap to, but not the zoom - I understand for the general basis of users it might create some friction though.

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I can’t seem to find the zoom function anymore. Did it disappear? What am i doing wrong? Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hi, I just started to use Bubble…although i am using Firefox at 100% i am noticed all the time that i am not using the actual size…I read the forum thread, but i cannot find the zoom editor: there is NO zoom zoom_facility_not_existing editor function under the Grid & Borders. Please advice. Thanks for the very interesting platform.

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As per the original post, zooming does not appear to be supported on Firefox.

thanks a lot, best wishes from Asuncion Paraguay

I think it used to show up, I haven’t seen it for a while. @neerja is this still available or was this taken away for some reason?

@J805 Editor zoom should still be available

Hey, its back now. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Yes, it shows up, but only in Chrome, not in Firefox.