Weird issue with resizing things

Anyone else having some weird issues resizing things in the editor? It isn’t following my cursor, its like far off to the right when I’m dragging it to resize it. Far to the right.

Have you checked that your browser’s zoom level is 0? That can sometimes mess with the editor.

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I’ve noticed some quirks with trying to grab elements. But usually end up refreshing and the issue goes away. If I can reproduce it, I’ll join you in submitting a bug report. (I’m thinking it may be triggered by connecting/disconnecting from my external monitor, but not certain).

But second to @petter. Good to make sure that your zoom is set to 0.

Let me check, it might be the zoom level. I will get back to you to let you know.

I am still having this problem. It’s really weird. @petter I checked the Zoom and it is not that. Any other ideas? I am using Safari on my Mac.

No, never experienced anything like you’re describing, sorry. I know that Chrome is the “official” supported browser for Bubble though. I have experienced some minor visual glitches in the editor when using Firefox, so it could be a factor. Haven’t used Safari much.

Also, make sure Ad Blocker and other plugins are deactivated for the Bubble site, they may be interfering.

So this is the weird mouse movement resizing thing that is going on. This never used to happen. Not sure why it started sometime last week i think. I am going to submit a bug report.

I can confirm that I’ve encountered the same issue. (In the editor, Element will not grab appropriately, causing element width to collapse to zero or stretch beyond expected value). Though I haven’t been able to identify a trigger.

Happens consistently, but very rarely across apps. Using Chrome with no plugins that would likely have an impact.

Ah, actually I’ve seen that happen sometimes too. It became clearer now with the video. It’s been so rare that I didn’t care.

Is it inside a Group Focus? I can’t test it right now, but I have a feeling that’s when i’ve encountered it the most. If so, maybe we can circle in something for a bug report.

It seems to happen across different container types. My recollection is more often with content inside repeating groups, but I can’t say for certain.

Thanks for the bug report. We can see this in your app but it is not reproducible for other group focus so you might have hit a corner case. Will let you know what we find and meanwhile you can potentially replace the group focus.

I have seen it in other situations too. I will have to find other situations where this happens and let you know.

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