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New features for file upload and app texts!

Hi all,

We have two small feature releases that we’d like to share!

  1. You can directly upload files onto File Manager with a new “Upload” button from Data > File Manager.

  1. You can directly create and manage new app texts with a new “Create text” button from Settings > Languages.

Happy holidays! :christmas_tree:


Excellent, thanks!

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Great !!! Thanks !

Very handy, thanks. It’s something these small changes that make nice life improvements to our day to day.

Thanks for the new features. Regarding the new file upload functionality, is there a way to associate a manually uploaded file with another Thing in the app’s database so that it can be a private file and work with the app’s privacy rules and the “View attached files” checkbox within privacy rules?

:slight_smile: This is actually quite a big deal for tidily solving multi-language problems :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Hi Kent,

Currently, we haven’t provided that ability in the app editor - it’s something we are interested in looking towards the future as a feature request. I’d recommend adding this to our Ideaboard, if it’s not already there.

In the meantime, as a workaround, you should be able to accomplish this action through a workflow.

@grace.hong Thanks for the direct upload button. A field for comment/note would be really helpful.

Could you provide guidance on how to implement a workaround via a workflow?

I have run into a similar issue in my app where I have added private files (and attached them to a Thing), only to have them become orphaned because the Thing is later deleted. I’m not aware of any method to change the attached Thing of a file and/or how to attach a previously uploaded file to a Thing in the first place.

If I’m missing something obvious in the documentation, please just point me to that.


Hi Kent - My mistake, I misinterpreted your question at the first go! With the current setup, you actually are not able to attach a manually uploaded file to a thing and make the file conform to privacy rules.

When you upload a file using the new Upload button on the File Manager page, you generate a public URL. This URL will always remain public if someone has access to it in its entirety, and you can get access to it by clicking on the file name in File Manager.

Through a workflow, you could add the manually uploaded file’s URL to a file data type field on a thing with privacy rules. To be clear, this action does not actually attach the file to the thing, nor does it change the original file URL to become private. Instead this action adds the public URL as a string and the thing is now associated with that string. If you have privacy rules on that thing, they apply to that URL string – only X users can view the file data type field (and therefore the associated file URL string). However, anyone who has access to the file URL string can still view the file since for manually uploaded files, this always remains a public URL.

The current way to attach a file to a thing and enforce privacy rules is done through runmode on the native File Uploader element. This can only be set the first time around for a file.

Let me know if that clears things up!

was hoping to be finally be able to upload option sets via csv!

@TipLister, have you seen this?

no, thank you for sharing!!

Thank you for the detailed reply @grace.hong - this confirms my understanding of the limitations on private files. It would be a huge improvement to the Bubble ecosystem if some time and effort was dedicated to improving the features related to private files:

  1. Provide features that allow private files to be attached/unattached from Things via workflows. This would allow a private file to be moved between Things.
  2. Provide a feature in the File Manager to identify private files that have been orphaned (i.e. files that are attached to Things that no longer exist).
  3. Related to the new manual upload functionality, allow files uploaded via the file manager to be attached to Things so that they can become truly private, not just secured through the obscurity of the public URL.


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