🥘 New Food Delivery App template by EzCode

Hey Bubblers !

Welcome new Delivery App template by EzCode

EzDelivery is a no-code template-solution for food delivery business similar to Uber Eats or Yandex Food.

Can be used for Restaurants or Single Restaurant delivery app with website, can be used for groceries delivery or any goods.

It contains a responsive user app, a driver app, and a backend for restaurant owners.

App Contain:

  • Stype Payments
  • Search
  • Responsive design
  • Admin dashboard
  • Restaurant dashboard
  • User app mobile
  • Driver app mobile
  • Ratings system
  • User account and history

A modern, minimalistic, yet functional design allows to prominently feature and easily update your best special offers. The template is ideal for any grocery companies looking to offer a complete bundle to their customers.

Template page: https://bubble.io/template/ez-delivery-app-1573913264964x852126909692117000

Demo: https://ezdelivery.bubbleapps.io

Feel free to contact us for any inquiries and we’ll be happy to find a solution for your ideas - https://ezcode.co

Hope you will like it !

Stay safe in this hard time and Cheers !

Regards EzCode team .


Thanks a lot, as i have purchased your app.
Need help in some area

  1. How to activate popular near you by user address.
  2. How can I add in menu for example Coffee, sub menu like small large, milk type and price accordingly. Also showing those calculation in ordering and cart.
  3. setting up stripe account correctly in test as went, test payment is done, their is an error and it doesn’t end up in restaurant new orders received.

As i am looking for background setup, as app is already impressively made. But in urgency to launch.

With Kind Regards,

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Hello @aucklandcodernz, thanks a lot for your review and we are happy that you liked our template.

Regarding your questions:

  1. You need to connect your Google maps and to set up addresses for Restaurants
  2. Unfortunately we didn’t have subcategories in Logic - Will implement in next update (good point thank you)
  3. For Stripe you need to have valid Stripe account connected to restaurants

Hope it will help.

Regards EzCode Team !

hello can you quote me how much you charge for modifications ? :slightly_smiling_face: