[New Free Plugin]: Browser Language and Locale

We are excited to announce the launch of the free Bubble plugin, Browser Language and Locale!

Plugin detects browser’s language and locale.

Language code has a 2-characters browser-independent format: en, es, fr etc

Locale format depends on browser. Some examples

  • fr, fr-fr, fr-FR
  • en, en-us, en-US

demo | editor

Full Description, Documentation & Screenshots

We hope you enjoy using this plugin. No matter where you are in the world, stay safe, stay creative, and stay connected to each other!

Plugin page:


It worked. Thank you.

We continue improving all our plugins. We’ve just updated the Browser Language and Locale plugin. Since the 1.1.0 version it supports more browsers. We’ve also updated the Demo and Documentation pages!

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I face difficulties on the plugin use. It seems that the locale return is different from what is needed for Bubble. For instance, English is referred as “en”, but Bubble uses “en_us”; for Brazilian Portuguese, it referres as “pt-BR” while Bubble demands “pt_br”.

Is there some way to turn around this problem?

Hi there,

Unfortunately, it won’t be possible to convert these values into Bubble’s format in the plugin itself. However, you can use string operations to post-process the received value.

Hi @BubbleSam,

I experience that the plug in element has suddenly drop-off from the expression and not able to search it. It looks like I should delete the element and reset it. Is it a plug in bug?

It doesn’t look like a plugin bug… Sometimes it happens when you delete the plugin element

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I didn’t delete the plug in element. but after few days of leaving the issue, it has automatically resolved.

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Hi @BubbleSam!

Doesn’t seem to be working on Chrome, does it?

Hello @BubbleSam!
Thanks for sharing your Plugin. I’d love to use it but couldn’t find out how it works. Unfortunately documentation is unavailable. Could you give me a hint on how to implement it on a bubble app?
Thanks. HighK