Browser Notification Plugin Feedback

Hi! has anyone purchased this plugin made by PlugBubble?
I just want to know if its actually easy to use, or require some technical expertise as the OneSignal plugin by Codurly. In the same way, if there is any tutorial, instructions, or any sort of documentation to learn how to use it after purchase it.


Its as simple as one action,

That will produce the same notification you see when you land HERE providing you allow notifications.

Thanks for the reply @jarrad !

  • So how you get there… Workflow>then…?
  • Is there anything available to know what is "Renotify Over Old? ", Badge (device image), etc.?
  • Will the notification show up on the mobile version of the browser?
  • Is there any way to know if the user allow or blocked your notifications?

Thanks again!

Plugins > Send Notification

Rather than adding to Notifications, it will take the place of the last Notifications.

Yes, in fact they will show the same as a push notification - in the pull down menu usually after playing the devices notification sound.

This is easy to add and should the plugin gain enough traction or become a topic among the plugins users I will add it.

There is NO Documentation, users so far have not needed it. If this is required your case I would advise you to either subscribe and test or perhaps find an alternative with Documentation.

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@CapiBalid I have numerous plug-ins from Plugbubble. All of them work flawlessly and in my view are logical, well thought out and intuitive.


Could be possible to send a notification to a specific user? If so, how?
Thanks! @jarrad

Want to know the same as well, does anyone know?

I would like to know that too. How can we send the notification only to a specific user?

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