Bubble Segment plugin not sending server events

I’m using the Bubble Segment plugin to track user events. Pageviews, User Identification and client events work fine but “Track an event with Segment (Server)” does not work for me. I’m triggering the action in a backend workflow and I’m watching the debugger in Segment for the event but nothing ever shows up. The workflow does work though, emails are being sent etc.

Any ideas what I could be doing wrong here? Or should I report this as a bug?

Hello, I’m experiencing the exact same thing, I think it’s actually a bug from the Segment plugin when server events are triggered from workflows. Here’s my setup :

I’m sending an event on a back-end workflow triggered by the creation of a data thing. Whenever I try this, I have an error in my logs :

Now, If I take the exact same (literally copy pasted the workflow action) on a workflow triggered by a button click (or anything else on the editor) it works and my event is created in Segment.

That would need to be reported to Bubble, not sure about the procedure @emmanuel :slight_smile:

Hi @mehdi1, I already reported it and I the team is working on it as far as I know. But I haven’t heard about it for a while. You can report bugs from the editor via “Help” -> “Report a bug”.

Thank you for your reply Jonas! I’ll report the bug as well. Have you found a workaround meanwhile? I was thinking of making an Http post API call to Segment directly (using https://segment.com/docs/connections/sources/catalog/libraries/server/http-api/), but cannot manage to make it work with API Connector for now.

The client events worked for me, so I just used those. In the end though, I gave up Segment completely and simply used Matomo for all analytics.

Hey I am hitting the same roadblock, but when I fire a segment event from the server I get:

Workflow error - Sorry, we ran into a temporary bug and can’t complete your request. We’ll fix it as soon as we can; please try again in a bit!

I contacted support and they told me they released a fix. Haven’t got the chance to test it, I sent directly events through the API connector so no need to change for now.

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