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New FREE Plugin - JSON Machine. Work with JSON direct on the page

I’d like to introduce JSON machine. A simple way to work with JSON data inside your app. Read & Write JSON any sort of data to a DB text field, a page state, & more.

I built this to reduce calls to the DB for many types of queries by wrapping the entire data structure into a single, fast, text object that can be parsed and used. I found built-in solutions like regex and conditional text to be kludgy and other JSON plugins were purpose built for other purposes (like my other plugin jsoNest). I’m surprised this plugin hasn’t been done sooner (or maybe it has but I can’t find it). In either ease this is my attempt.

Demo App;
You’ll want to take a look here to see implementation strategies
JSON Machine

JSON machine lets you work with JSON directly on the page. Load and Save complex structured data in JSON and work with the output data in dynamic expressions.

Work with JSON data inside your app. Read & write. Store complex data structures easily a single text field.

Why use this?

-Make use of JSON to store complex data structures in a string.
-Store JSON anywhere such as a database text field, a page state, browser cookle/localstorage, accept json input from users, the list goes on.

-Improve scaling and simplify /speed up complex DB calls – Working with the Bubble DB, especially on advanced queries with multiple related types, can be slow and have large server overhead. By reading from and writing to a single text field you can save significant overhead.

-If you are using complex / limiting Regex to parse JSON.

Why not use this.

  • No backend workflow support yet to work with JSON
  • Although this is a flexible solution, it is coloring outside of the lines somewhat. Bubble doesn’t have a way to search JSON values inside the DB for example.



Looking forward to checking this out…I store a lot of JSON data in text fields and reference via backend workflow to speed things up. I also parse a lot of stuff in Run Javascript, so looking forward to see what this is.

Thats great! I’m working on adding more features including backend support to a paid version. I’d love some feedback. PM-met if you are interested in a free beta & final version.

Hey @jon2
This looks like a really handy plugin indeed! One that I could certainly make use at the moment.

I’m currently attempting to handle some large geojson files located at the following link but I keep on getting a console error after I’ve pasted the contents straight into the readJSON A element.

They are quite large so wondered if that might have been the problem here.

This might be related to the automatic JS minification that bubble does. I disabled this in the latest version. Try upgrading and let me know