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New Free Plugin - Rich Text Editor - TinyMCE


I just released a new free plugin that you can change bubble’s multiline input element to rich text editor powered by TinyMCE.

You can see demo here:

The editor:

You can get the free api key in their website:

Plugin Page:



I’m trying to use your plugin, the rich text editor displays right but I can’t change anything (font, color, size, …). I’m using the element inside a pop-up do you think it can cause the bugs ?

Thank you for the bug reporting.
I just published the updated version.
If you update it to the latest version, the menu will show properly in the popup!

I am testing your editor.
I have a problem in displaying the images when the user reloads the editor.

Once they are saved if I try to display the content as initial contents I get this error, where the text is fine, but the image doesn’t load.

Very cool! Is it possible to add features, modify menus, etc.?

For example, I’d like to set up annotations:

I keep getting a Chrome error when trying to leave the page after having saved the value to my DB.

Leave site?
Changes that you made may not be saved.

Anyone else getting this?


I came across this issue too - I’m pretty sure it’s related to the autosave functionality. If you save the text (via the built-in toolbar) and then save it to the Bubble db, then you don’t get the error when navigating away.

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Thanks for the info. Seems a bit of an awkward customer journey to have to save from the toolbar.

Hopefully they’ll see this and deploy a fix :slight_smile:

Hi! I cannot edit the content of the multiline input box when using the tiny plug-in, and any initial content I set -dynamic or static- doesn’t show. All this happens inside a pop-up. When I use the multiline and tiny outside the pop-up they work like a charm. Any idea what may be causing it?

I can’t work this thing out… How do you even save a value… There is no save button for me in the menu or on the plugin and there are no actions.

I see above people talk about auto save but I don’t get that either…


edit: I found the save button but I get this

Hey Kim…

I am having a hard time using this in a popup.

Can you add a feature to clear the initial content and to set initial content in workflows?


The plugin does not have configurations. I saved the initialContents using Tiny A’s content (as dynamic data), and connected the multi input element to the tiny element, that is all. No more configuration. I wanted to hide the edition if the user’s type change, but i can not find it in the plugin area. Maybe i need to use HTML tag to do it, without plugin.

It is working fine but as I change Change the resolution of the page while editing, all the content disappears.
Secondly, Is this plugin free for lifetime? If no, what r the charges?

HI, bralca88, did you manage to fix this? I’m having the same issue…

Having the same issue here! - Any luck solving this?

Hi, I have just set up the TinyMce editor based on the instructions. I have got the API key and there were no issues during setup.
However, I am not able to store any of the text or HTML content from the text editor to my DB. I have tried storing both HTML as well as Text content.
Empty entries are being created in the DB however no content is there. Can anyone please help resolve this?

Yes, getting the same issue.

The editor requires a new line (return) to show changed content when using on an iPhone (safari). Yet, this is not required in safari on the iPad or on the desktop. Is there a way around this?

Did you get this resolved? I have no issue as long as it’s not on an iPhone. In the case of the iPhone, the Content_Changed event sees no change unless a carriage return is pressed.