Vanilla Rich Text Editor BETA 5 UPDATE (THEMES)


Another week and another update. This week we have introduced theme support, fixes to the google map API key and an error which caused multiple scripts of the same external library to load more than once.

Here is an example


Go ahead and update :laughing:

Next release will be the stable version!:


Whats up everyone!

Expand to fit is here!!! The plugin now adjusts its height based on the text. Also, have added a disable feature based on a user request.

Please note that I have faced issues exposing the new changes. To fix this please uninstall, reload the app and reinstall


Whats up everyone!

Happy to say the CodeMirror support is now active and a new print button! :laughing:


Hey everyone,

Added new features

  • Maps
  • RTL
  • Airmode

Let me know what you think Check them out by clicking here


Hey guys!

For the ones that had registered for the BETA I am happy to say I have finally sorted out all the major bugs. Everyone in the list below has now access to Vanilla Rich Text Editor Pro. Please submit feedback and bugs directly through this forum.

For everyone else who wants to check it out, i have created a temp link here till I finish working on its microsite and documentation.

So @1danielbaker, @scottb50, @djwideman, @philip, @vega.andrew & @sridharan.s get cracking and get testing :smile:

There are a few things you must consider in this test period

  • THIS IS NOT FINALE so keep that in mind
  • Code still needs optimizations
  • Outputs for mentions and #tags are in progress
  • Heavy use of console.log to make my future debugs quicker
  • please keep up to date with all releases
  • And yea I have not set a price for it yet! But the Beta team will get one hell of a discount

And I have to repeat this because he is fantastic. Thanks, @jarrad for all the help.


The auto complete, mention and tag feature are just great.
I did a quick test and everything but full screen mode is working.

I’d love to buy this nice plugin!

Some future features that would useful:

  • Choose to add/remove options in the toolbar
  • Contextual menu when selecting (like in Medium)

Please test your plugin on Safari.

I see this on a 27" 5K iMac:

I’m happy to do that testing for you if necessary.

Looks great!

One question - how do images work? Are those loaded to our S3 bucket as other Bubble images are?


Hey there

Actually the full screen works but I forget to set the color back ground. Right now it’s transparent.

You can also select to show or hide each option

Also there is a context menu but most of it is hidden as it needed more testing

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No images are converted and stored as base64. Then you additionally have the option to extract there names and the actual images as a list to store or do what ever you want with

Yes please. Please private message me your app name

Oh by the way I think I know what’s happening here. I will add it to the bug list and push a fix soon.

Great work here - this plugin will come in handy for a number of things. A couple of comments off the bat:

  • text input begins to lag significantly after uploading a picture.

  • It might be nice to allow resizing the image (height & width tags) without going into codeview

This is fantastic, @AliFarahat! Love the HTML output–the possibilities are endless here…

Probably on your list, but when you use dynamic values for hashtags or mentions that reference another element on the page, the hashtag list doesn’t update. For example, if you have a dropdown “Select Country”, and below it a Vanilla input with hashtags = Dropdown Country’s values–>States; the popup list of “States” doesn’t dynamically change when you change the Country value in the dropdown element. This example assumes you have a Bubble Thing called Country with a field States [type=text]

Tried a workflow using the Reset Vanilla Input action when dropdown input value changes, but no joy.

I will check that out and get back to you here

The lag is not avoidable especially for large images as image it’s happening on your client and it’s converted to base64. I will try to add an image size limit

I will see what I can do for the resize in pixels width and height. Currently you have the option to resize in precentage did you explore that?

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This is awesome! Obviously a ton of work. Congratz. First Suggestion:

Change the ice cream cone placeholder to reflect the ticked elements in the edit panel?

This is not possible. That is a limitation from the bubble plugin editor

Thought so.

I have the style area ticked, but it’s not in the toolbar when page is previewed.


Will this allow us to apply appropriate styles built with the bubble editor?

If bubble allows for this type of css import, could we import our own?

I’ve added a link rel=stylesheet in the code view, and it picked up the styles.

No, for the first part. Probably yes for the 2nd. Although it may require some changes on the coding side. May require a custom plugin though.

Well that answers that. But I would be careful with it.

Hi @AliFarahat,

This looks great.

Question for you regarding ordered lists.

Any chance you can make lists go like this:


  1. Provinces
    i) Alberta
    ii) BC
    iii) Ontario

  2. Territories
    i) Nunavut
    ii) Yukon


You’re doing great work!


I can possibly look at adding an indent button. That should allow for a sub level.

I will give it a try tonight

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