[New Free Plugin] Set Background Color (beyond top & bottom of page)

Hey Bubblers, just released a new free plugin called “Set Page Background Color” — to address the occasional challenge of setting the color of a page above or below the top/bottom of your page.

This only applies to some browsers (see below for the list of browsers) but it can cause an awkward cosmetic issue. For example, your page might have gray background color and since some browsers allow you to scroll beyond the top/bottom of the page, a white background can show up beyond those edges. Example:

Without this plugin (see the white background above the top of the page)

With this plugin (see the non-white background above the top of the page that is consistent with the rest of the page color)

Here’s a list of browsers that have this issue (at least ones I’m aware of):
**Chrome on Mac/iPhone
**Safari/Firefox on iPhone
**Windows Explorer
**Microsoft Edge

Example in run mode (view on one of the browsers listed above):

Example in editor mode:

Link to plugin:

Happy Bubbling!