Page background extends below page lower edge

I have a persistent problem: my page lower edge is at Y=440 (the same as the lower edge of the Footer in the screen shot). But the coloured background extends to the lowest edge of the browser window:


This happens with Preview and the shared link at Jobs.
I’ve seen this problem mentioned before on the Forum, but no solution.
Is it a “feature” of Hobby mode perhaps?

Any ideas please?

Hey @Rob1 :slight_smile: I think the page background color will always extend to the bottom of the browser window viewer. When you view your app on a mobile phone is the extra space still there? One way to keep the background color for only what’s visible, and the rest white, would be to set that color as the background color for the groups, instead of the page itself. This way, the color will cut off neat the footer instead of the bottom of the browser window.

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Hi @fayewatson.
When I view on a mobile (or any other device) the extra space is still there.
That (to me anyway) is not logical/expected behaviour. After all it doesn’t extend in the X direction!
So I will report that as a bug.

Your workaround (to set the colour as the background colour for the groups) works really well on Android and iOS and desktop - thank you :smile:

No problem at all! :slight_smile: For some reason, the extra space didn’t show for me on mobile when I tested. Do you have another link for preview mode and to the editor with the previous setup?

HI, sorry I changed all the pages now. So I guess the link will take you to the updated version only.

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