[NEW FREE PLUGIN] Text Analysis

Greetings everyone! We are pleased to inform you about the launch of a new plugin – Text Analysis.

The plugin returns some important characteristics of a paragraph, including the concepts presented, the categories it is in, and its syntax.

To use this plugin, you will need to subscribe to IBM’s natural-language-understanding service and obtain the API KEY and URL. To check for more information: IBM Cloud Docs


Instructions to use the plugin:

  1. Create an instance of the Natural Language Understanding service by IBM Cloud. Refer to the webpage for more details: IBM Cloud Docs
  2. Copy the credentials “API Key” and “URL”.
  3. In the plugin tab, enter “apikey” for Username, and your API key from the credentials for Password.
  4. Paste the “API Key” and “URL” in the correct fields in the plugin tab.
  5. Retrieve the result by: “Get data from an external API” >> API provider: “Text Analysis – XXXX”, then select the appropriate fields.

Find Categories

  • A category is a five-level taxonomy of the input text, indicating the type of content

Find Concepts

  • A concept is a relevant keyword or keyphrase that is related to the content, but not necessarily appears in the original text.

Analyze Syntax

  • Information about the input text’s tokens and sentences: including position of words, part of speech, etc…

text analysis_Trim


  • Improve your SEO by generating the correct keyword
  • Part-of-Speech checker
  • Categorizing images or text messages
  • Putting text/ images into hierarchies


Sign up for IBM service: Natural Language Understanding - IBM Cloud

Documentation of response of the data call: Text Analysis Data Call Documentation - Google Docs

Live Demo: https://testing-text-analysis.bubbleapps.io/version-test?debug_mode=true

Editor mode of demo: Testing-text-analysis | Bubble Editor

In the coming days, we will update the plugin and add more unique features. Feel free to leave a comment on how we can improve / reporting bugs. We also accept emails: info@nalfe.com

Enjoy bubbling with the plugin!