🧠 [New Plugin] AWS Comprehend - Text Analytics

Hi Bubblers !

With this plugin, you can gain insight into the content of documents. Use these actions to determine the topics contained in your documents, the topics they discuss, the predominant language used, and more.

This plugin provides an action to determine the dominant language of the input text, which can be then used as the input parameter for the other actions.

The available actions are:

  • Detect Entities, which inspects text for named entities, and returns information such as text type (for instance a location, organization, date, person name, event and much more), the text itself and its position.
  • Detect Syntax, which inspects text to parse the words from the document and returns the text, the token type, where the text begins and ends, and the level of confidence that Amazon Comprehend has that the token is correct.
  • Detect Key Phrases, which inspects text to find key phrases, and returns information such as the phrase itself and its position.

You can test out our AWS Comprehend - Text Analytics plugin with the live demo.

Enjoy !
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