New issue with plugin visibility

Hey everyone,

Writing this post because I’m really not understanding why I’m seeing this new issue with the “toggle” , “hide” and “show” functions in my plugins.

On the old responsive engine, if I “toggle” my custom element when it’s visible on page load it will hide it, but if I try “toggle” it again it won’t show until I reload the page. On top of that, the update function does not seem to run anymore when a “show”, “hide” or “toggle” function is executed. How am I supposed to tell my element what to do when one of these core bubble functions is executed but the update function doesn’t run?

On the new responsive engine, this issue does not occur. However, I can’t just tell all my users to upgrade to the new responsive engine if their app is already too far gone.

I’ve also noticed that “show”, “hide” and “toggle” now set the CSS property of “visibility” to hidden when it’s supposed to be hidden, but when it’s supposed to be visible it just removes the visibility property. Is this a new behaviour? Is this related?

Any and all help or insight would be much appreciated here

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Someone has a similar issue to me: Update behavior changed?

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Please open a bug report on support to make it count, but don’t expect much… I’ve given up on this issue (support usually solves the issues pushing engineering, but not on this case).

At the moment all my modules are v2, not changing for v3 until this bug is fixed.