Version 3 Plugin breaks hide/show element on non responsive element

Hi all,

Just found a situation where a v3 plugin “breaks” on a non responsive page/element.

This isn’t a major failure, but it is a good heads up in case you are stuck with this like I was for a few weeks.

Everything goes well until you hide the element and then try to show it again. On the “show” event, all the heights are set to ‘0’ (within and outside the plugin visual element).

Bubble support responded on several iterations that this is a feature and that version 3 plugins aren’t supposed to be fully compatible with non responsive layouts. (!)

Here is some info, please test this out:

  • Pluggin in v3, App in non responsive mode

First show:

After “hide/show”

If plugin is v2 on a page that isn’t responsive or plugin is v3 and element is within responsive page/element it performs as it is supposed to.

I will workaround not doing any visual elements on version 3…

if you are doing a plugin that is on version 3, you may want to test out how it performs on a non responsive page (hide/show) and see how it goes for you.

Same thing here

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