New PDF plugin - call for testers!

Hello all! This is an open invitation for testers for a new PDF plugin I’m finishing.
It dynamically generates a PDF file and offers to download it with the standard browser’s download option (save as / open with).

Small description:

  • The plugin uses no API, so it doesn’t relies on external services nor sends any data out.
  • It is completely client-side, so it won’t increase your capacity usage, apart of normal Bubble search.
  • You use it by actions in the workflow, triggered by anything you like, for example click of a button.
  • It uses everything Bubble offers as data sources (inputs on screen, database, APIs, etc…), and you can use both static and dynamic content (and easily mix them).
  • It is flexible, so you can generate invoices, contracts, order requests, portfolios, reports, photo galleries and whatever else you want to.
  • You can generate as many pdf files as you want, so if you have 100 users generating 50 PDFs every day that won’t increase your cost, apart of course of normal Bubble usage (example: your user logging in, performing searches etc).
  • Multiple PDF models on the same page.
  • No known limit on page numbers.

However I can’t make an extensive testing on my own.

More instructions inside the testing phase.

Testers will be granted lifetime access to it even if I don’t release it, so if you want it you can have it.

You will be asked to use it to fill in your own need and then report back on how it went and if possible an example of the PDF generated.
Even if you don’t have an immediate need you still can help by creating some example pdf design and/or testing its limits with fringe scenarios, like a competition on who can create the longest PDF in terms of page number and things alike.

Edit 1: Already rolled out invitations to everyone that has shown interest. Please message me again if I skipped you.

Edit 2: Rolled out testing instructions and access. So FJP is the last one in for this stage. In case we need another testing session, I will update here! In more or less 7 days from now this testing session ends.

Edit 3: Hey everyone, I just published the plugin!

Here’s the link:


I wanna try!!! Always looking for a good PDF program. :slight_smile:

I’m interested :smiley:

Hi @vini_brito

Sounds super awesome! I have tried lots of PDF plugins and I personally always have the same problem, and that is a user may enter 200 items in my app and the user wants to print the 200 items in a RG, the trouble I always run into with other plugins is the fact that they do not break between A4 pages.

What seems to happen is the page cuts though the RG cell.

I’m not sure if it’s something which can be solved in a PDF plugin which is set in our app.

So, this plugin does not uses the elements on bubble to organize itself. Instead you can specify that data into the workflow into a plugin’s element and the plugin will generate, for example, a table with the list(s) you provided.

Showing is better than telling, so you can wait for the release or just jump into testing and see for yourself what exactly goes on, then see how (and if) that would help you in the case.

Ok that sounds good I’ll be really happy to help test. I’m certainly not a programmer or a expert in anyway but I know bubble pretty well.

Where do we go from here?

Awesome…I’m ready to joint

Tks anwar

Count me in!! I’ve been waiting for this.

Nice one - sounds interesting, willing to give a good test :+1:

I can help test. Let me know the details, thanks!

Interested :slight_smile:

Really looking forward for something that doesn’t rely on API.

Sounds really good. I would be really interested in trying to. Thanks.

I’d be very interested in testing this as part of a complex specialist SAAS that I am building. Would be able to test in a variety of pages and different data input / outputs.

Needed! I am in.

Messaged you too

Did you see my reply to your PM? Really excited about testing this :smiley:

Count me in! :slight_smile:

I’d love to try it, sent you a pm :+1:


Please count me in, thank you