Reset or turn off 2FA after changing phone

Hi - I know there are a couple of other threads on here about this, but I’ve not found them much help so far.

I recently changed my phone and reformatted my old phone to give to my son.

Now I find that the Google Authenticator app I was using for 2FA on Bubble has gone. I have set up a new one on the new phone, but can’t find a way to link it to Bubble.

My editor session has now expired and I’m locked out. Any ideas from anyone very much appreciated, as I can’t do anything at the moment.

Thanks in advance.

Open a support ticket to Bubble. You will not be able to fix this on your own.
Whenever you use a 2FA app make sure you have a hard backup of the information. Normally you can save it in QR in paper. If you format or delete the app you will lose access to your keys unless you use the hard backup to recover.

Thanks Jon. How do I open a ticket?

Thanks vm

Ha! I have to be logged in to submit the ticket, so I can’t even do that.


True :slight_smile:

Try emailing [email protected]


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