[New Plugin] 🖥️ Advanced Code Editor + | Dark-mode Compatible | Easily embed a lightweight code editor into your app (10+ Languages & 11+ Themes available)

Hi all! :wave:

:new: I just released a new plugin called “Advanced Code Editor+”.

Add an ultra-customizable, dark-mode compatible and +10 languages Code Editor into your app in just a click.
Based on the world’s most popular and reliable Embed Code Editor “Ace.js” library.

:point_right: Links

:link: Demo / Preview
:link: Bubble Editor

:question: What’s inside ?

The 10 most popular languages are currently supported :

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • SCSS
  • SQL
  • Python
  • C/C++
  • R
  • JSON

You’ll also find 11 themes with different colors & ambiances.

You can see a screenshot here, with theme Dracula :

:question: How to use it ?

It is very easy to set-up.
Just drag the “Advanced Code Editor” element on your page, and define the settings you’d like.
You may want to define :

  • Current Language
  • Current Theme
  • Highlight active line ?
  • Font-size
  • Read-only mode

:question: What actions can I trigger from this Editor ?

There are 6 actions you may want to trigger.

  • Download Current File (instantly download the file that is currently being edited with the corresponding file extension). You may define the name of the downloaded file in the Action field.
  • Set Language of the Editor
  • Set Theme of the Editor
  • Set Font-size of the Editor
  • Set Read-only mode for the Editor
  • Set Value for the Editor

:question: What Custom States could I retrieve from this Element ?

You have access to 7 Custom States that should help you creating a smooth integration between your app and this Code Editor.

  • Current Theme
  • Current Language
  • Current Language Extension
  • Current Value
  • Current Cursor Row
  • Current Cursor Column
  • Read-only mode

:question: Could you add a language or a specific theme for me ?

For sure !
Please feel free to ask if you’d like the editor to support a new language or theme.
It will be added within 1 business-day.
Also, if you would like a new feature inside this plugin, please tell me by answering this thread or emailing me at wesley.wasielewski@hotmail.fr



New update 12/08/2022 :

  • Just added an action to entirely Reset the Data of an Editor.
    It is called “Reset Data an Advanced Code Editor”.

Hope you’ll like it!
Wes :slight_smile:

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