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✏️ [New Plugin] Advanced Code Editor - fully fledged IDE inside Bubble

Hey Bubblers :wave:

Releasing my first bigger plugin today. A fully responsive code-editor with syntax-highlighting and autocompletion for 87 languages. :partying_face:

:link: Try it out here or check it out inside the editor.

:white_check_mark: Features:
1 - Fully responsive
2 - 87 supported languages
3 - Dark & Light theme
4 - Syntax highlighting & Code completion
5 - Bindable state code
6 - Updateable via update code action
7 - Listenable via code changed event

:wrench: How it works:
As soon as the editor is rendered the initial value updates the state code. The state can then be changed from outside via the update code action. Every time it changes a code changed event is dispatched.

I’m quite new to plugin development so please let me know if you have any feedback or feature-requests. Write me a PM if you want your app to be authorized for testing :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey Matthias, your demo page shows “missing element”