[New Plugin] AI-Powered Text Input Autocomplete Plugin for Higher Conversions


:rocket: Struggling with form abandonment? Nearly 70% of users abandon registrations due to lengthy forms. ChatGPT Text Input AutoComplete saves users time by intelligently filling in text inputs, making form completion faster and way more efficient.

See Demo: Demo Link

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:wrench: Seamless Integration: Adapt to your current text input design with minimal changes required.

:memo: Automatic Completion: Ideal for form filling, customer registrations, and job descriptions. The plugin completes text inputs based on context, saving valuable time.

:globe_with_meridians: Dynamic Context Autofill: Generates accurate and relevant text completions based on provided context.

:art: Customizable Tones: Personalize the generated text to match your brand’s voice.

:sparkles: Interactive Loader Effect: Enhance user experience with a customizable loader effect.

Use Cases:

  • Enhance job descriptions on freelance platforms.
  • Simplify user registration on marketplace platforms.
  • Generate detailed product descriptions on e-commerce sites.
  • Create comprehensive event pages and more.

See Demo: Demo Link Editor Link: Editor Link Documentation: Docs Link YouTube Demo: YouTube Link

Needless to say that this plugin exposes the openai api key to the client, not really something in line with Best Practices for API Key Safety

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I keep getting an error of undefined

it’s because if the api key is missing the plugin will log an error in the console. I understand the OP not wanting to expose its own api key :person_shrugging:


Hey, thanks for the feedback. Genuinely curious - would you know of a solution that uses purely serverside function to do this?

Hey, please try it again with your openAI key in the input field :slight_smile:

this has been discussed over and over in the community, you can read about it with a simple search here