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[New Plugin] AirAlert

Hi @gaurav

It happened again.

The plugin AirAlert / action AirAlert - Standard threw the following error: TypeError: $.toast is not a function
at eval (eval at h.create_code (, :4:475)
at (please report this to the plugin author)

I sent you my app link via pm

There are several plugins installed on your app. It could be any plugin conflicting with airalert plugin that’s loaded before it, causing the error. I recommend making a copy of your app, removing plugins one by one to see which one.

Yes, you are right. OneSignal Push Notifications and the Air Alert plugin conflict

Awesome plugin, like the fact that it has 2 actions to either choose the standard or custom air alert.

Only improvement I can think of is to have an option in the custom air alert to specify the icon color (or even the icon, that would be sweet), as sometimes depending on the background color it can be hard to see. Might be difficult though as it looks like the graphics are png images rather than say font awesome or svg’s. Still if needs be, we can use a bit of custom CSS to achieve.

Anyhow cheers :beers:

Hi! Is there a way to center the alert? :grin:

@gaurav is there a way to reduce the amount of time in which the AirAlert plugin is displayed? I want to shorten how long it appears

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The option is already there as one of the inputs in an Airalert - Custom action

Hey @gaurav
Thanks again for this great plugin. I’m using it a lot.
A user received an error message (see attachment). The sentence in German says “The object does not support the “assign” property or method.” Do you know what this is about? There is not much I can do except get rid of all the AirAlert messages as the message comes straight from the Plugin. I’m using the latest plugin version (1.3.1).
Thanks in advance for your help!
Screenshot 2020-09-06 at 08.46.31

Hi @daniel.abebe,
Pretty sure they are using Internet explorer. Most of the libraries in last few years aren’t compatible with the age-old internet explorer. Even Microsoft has moved on from it to edge. Can’t recommend a solution other than asking your client to switch to a modern browser unfortunately.


hey @gaurav thanks for taking the time to look into it, I appreciate.

Have a good day,

Is there an option to add a button onto the notification? or atleast enable using links inside the body of the notification?
Use case : notify a user he does not have enough credits to purchase the item at hand then showing a link to the page where you can buy the credits(or even better adding a button) .

Hey there, I have another feature suggestion:

How about adding the possibility to have a border color at the alerts?

Hey all,

We just released a new version of the plugin that strips the input to the plugin of any HTML that may contain executable code. When updating the plugin if you’ve already added it, it may strip out HTML that you’ve added to your alerts if you have any custom HTML set up in the Heading and Text fields.

This feature can be disabled, and there is no risk from disabling this if your alert does not contain user input.

The situation where this is needed is if one user can enter data to be saved to the database and then that data is later shown to another user in an AirAlert.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you!

Hi @andersan :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Is there a way to have an icon in the Notifications or text field?


That should be possible by adding HTML with an icon in an image tag. I haven’t tried something similar so I’m not sure it will work. The “XSS protection” would need to be turned off, too.