New plugin - bootstrap icons

Hi Bubblers, if you feel that the available icons are not enough for you to convey an idea in your app, now you have more available icons to choose from.

Plugin name: bootstrap Icons

Check it out in your bubble plugin tab

This plugin uses bootstrap icons, so be free to preview all available icons on

Bootstrap currently have over 1600 icons :exclamation:

Let me know what you think. Cheers!!


These look really clean, I will try these out. Thanks

Thanks @tylerboodman :smiley: :smiley:

Thank you, was using that icons using html, right now will be more easy for my projects :star_struck:

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Good job, waiting for preview and search features

Lol, Thanks @yorgio1024 I will look into it.

Hi @yorgio1024 Based on your request, I have updated the plugin to be able to preview icons in editor mode. Even though colors will not be updated in editor mode, but only in run mode.
For the search features, I do not think that is possible for now based on the options provided in the plugin editor. but you can manually type the icon name in the ‘Dynamic name’ input.
For now enjoy the preview mode :smiley:
Don’t forget to update the plugin to the latest version!

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I got it thank you so much

This looks great.

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Superduper awesome. Well done, and thank you for working on this. Now, there are more icon options to work with.
Looking forward to more great projects you work on!

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Thanks for the kind words @tobigbemisola

Do you know that now you can search in the dropdown input @yorgio1024 @tobigbemisola I think bubble added that feature for us.

That’s awesome! Thanks for the update.

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Hey great plugin! Would it be possible to add two things:

  1. Make icons clickable to trigger actions and allow to make them unclickable on conditions.
  2. Allow for tooltip text.

Hi @rod.danan Thank you for your feedback. I will look into it, I have been really busy lately. I will let you know if any or all of this has been done.

Hi there, any way to get the new icons available? Bootstrap launch some new icons but cannt find it in this plugin

Hi @yorgio1024 I would have guessed it should auto update since it is directly picking it from their github repository. But now that you have called my attention to it, I will investigate as to why it is not updating and get back to you. My hands are currently tight at the moment, but once I am free a little, I will check it out.

Any update?

Hi @yorgio1024 I just update the plugin icons. Been really busy, thanks for the reminder. Thanks to @tobigbemisola too for reaching out to me on this.

Hi @iwakinomotoye
Great Plugin! But if i make the Icons small then some edges get cut off.
Is there any way to solve this?

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