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New Plugin - Animated Icons

Sounds good. :+1: Maybe you can do a feature request from Bubble. Shoot them an email [email protected] and hope that they can fix it. Thanks! :blush:

How do you make it like a button, is there a way to run a workflow when it’s clicked like other elements?

Could you show us a sample page on how to use them in different situations. Like when we want to have the user click on it and then it plays the animation. If you can share the editor with ‘view only’ for everyone then we can see how the plugin functions. :blush:

Sure, I think i linked it in the plugin description as well, here it is -->

for the button look i put the icon in a group and change the state of the group when it is clicked, then a condition on the icon for when state is this then active is yes/no.

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That is helpful :+1: Didn’t realize you had it on the plugin page. :blush:

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very nice demo page ! congrats

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When on ios with tracking blockers , icon8 assets are blocked.

When using this plugin, can we NOT rely on icon8 (tracking) servers ?

At the moment this is not possible. I will look into it and check what i can do, ok?

1 Like i just updated the plugin, can you recheck if it is working now for you?

Great ! What have you changed ??