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New Plugin: Audio Transcription

Audio Transcription
This plugin uses Assembly AI’s powerful tool to be able to transcribe a given audio file to text this will be handy for keeping track of what people have said and what times of the meeting. All you need to do is to get an API key from Assembly AI to get going.
Plugin link- Audio Transcription Plugin | Bubble
Demo link-


Hi @WGDPluginTeam

If I may ask a few questions about the plugin:

  1. Does this transcribe English only? if there are other languages can you list them?
  2. Are there limits to the audio or video file sizes/lengths in minutes?
  3. Are there restrictions to the file types it will work with (mp3, wav) etc
  4. Does it do synchronous transcription as well like transcribing live as a user speaks in a mic?

Thank you

Hi there @phrase9
So you can find the languages supported here, but testing in Portuguese it is not as good as an English one

Here are the support audio and video files

On the file size it doesn’t mention a maximum on Assembly AI’s website
There is synchronous transcription which we could add in the future.
Thanks for taking time to look at our plugin


Can I see the sample app for this?
Mine is not working properly so I want to see how it is working.

Hey @danielguades1213 sorry for the late reply here is our demo: