[NEW PLUGIN] Aurinko Unified Mailbox API

Integrate your Bubble apps with users’ Gmail, Office 365, Outlook.com, hosted MS Exchange, Zoho Mail, and IMAP accounts through Aurinko’s Unified Mailbox API.

The Aurinko plugin allows your app to access users’ email and calendars.


  1. Unified Access: Developers can build features that work with multiple email services without having to create a different integration for each one.
  2. Email & Calendar Features: Applications can access, read, send emails, and manage calendar events. This is useful for automating workflow, scheduling, reminders, or even building full-fledged email clients on Bubble.io.
  3. Reduced Development Time: Instead of individually setting up API integrations for Gmail, Office 365, etc., developers can just integrate Aurinko API once and get access to all supported platforms.
  4. Future Extensibility: There’s a wide scope for creating scheduling apps, CRM apps, task managers, or contact management systems as Aurinko API provides access to contacts, tasks, meeting scheduling, and various CRM APIs.

Getting Started

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Nice package of tools here

Thank you @jared.gibb
Depending on feedback that we receive we can expose the rest of the Aurinko API in the Bubble plugin. Including the scheduling page described here: Create your first appointment booking page - Aurinko Support